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Dear Harry,

I completed the Forgiveness Mini-Course! Wow. I had ALL my fixed attention on my past experience with women in authority e.g. teachers and bosses. I realized I was putting all my energy to things on my life that I did not want and today I realized that I DID CREATE IT! The most amazing thing happened once I had released this fixed attention which had been very painful for me! The amazing WOW factor was that I didn't deserve love in my life. That was my absolute belief and I pushed it away everyday of my life. Today I realized if I can create what I don't want, I have the power to create absolutely anything in my life. To think that I had wanted to end it all! I had been making myself sick and I'm only 37 years old.

Today, that is not my belief anymore. I have feel. It is so clear and free and I have the most light, euphoric feeling. This is the beginning of my new life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful to you, Harry, for Avatar. Also for the most beautiful man in my life who believed in me and never gave up on me. Most important of all he led me to Avatar! Love and smiles to you,

Carey Mallows- Australia

To Mr. Palmer, Dear Harry,

Like most courses, I started the Avatar Course with expectations which didn't immediately come true. Then the resistance started to go and the Source feeling arrived. WOW! What a great feeling. I have had a lot of great insights and I mean a lot!

Thank you so very much for your materials. It is wonderful how it helps people like me to be happy with their lives.

Dickjan Hoogstraten- The Netherlands


Dear Harry,

I just completed my Avatar Course. It was the most wonderful experience. I have never felt so alive and available in my life. My Master did a stellar job helping through this process. I can hardly wait to continue my journey to the Master Course and beyond, bringing my family and my friends with me. I have met many friends; I must have had many lifetimes with before but have only just met in this one. Thank you, Harry, for your magical process to transformation. Love,

Doris Hermansen- USA

Dear Harry,

Today I handled a situation from 30 years ago. I did the Releasing Fixed Attention exercise from the Forgiveness Mini- Course and the result was WOW! Yesterday I was in a creation and wanted to give up. Today I decided to stick to the program and take Personal Responsibility ( from your DVD I watched yesterday). My topic today was not following through. I had another amazing result by exploring my beliefs. I am so grateful for the Avatar material. Thank you again,

Hanita Schotsman- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

I just did Integrity and I could really feel something about defining myself so I did the Mini-Course " Definition". It is very good! What a beautiful mini-course to do right after doing Integrity. I am traveling and will do the "Life Alignment" Mini-Course on the plane! Much love,

Margo Bruns