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To Mr. Palmer, Dear Harry,

Like most courses, I started the Avatar Course with expectations which didn't immediately come true. Then the resistance started to go and the Source feeling arrived. WOW! What a great feeling. I have had a lot of great insights and I mean a lot!

Thank you so very much for your materials. It is wonderful how it helps people like me to be happy with their lives.

Dickjan Hoogstraten- The Netherlands


Dear Harry,

I just completed my Avatar Course. It was the most wonderful experience. I have never felt so alive and available in my life. My Master did a stellar job helping through this process. I can hardly wait to continue my journey to the Master Course and beyond, bringing my family and my friends with me. I have met many friends; I must have had many lifetimes with before but have only just met in this one. Thank you, Harry, for your magical process to transformation. Love,

Doris Hermansen- USA

Dear Harry,

Today I handled a situation from 30 years ago. I did the Releasing Fixed Attention exercise from the Forgiveness Mini- Course and the result was WOW! Yesterday I was in a creation and wanted to give up. Today I decided to stick to the program and take Personal Responsibility ( from your DVD I watched yesterday). My topic today was not following through. I had another amazing result by exploring my beliefs. I am so grateful for the Avatar material. Thank you again,

Hanita Schotsman- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

I just did Integrity and I could really feel something about defining myself so I did the Mini-Course " Definition". It is very good! What a beautiful mini-course to do right after doing Integrity. I am traveling and will do the "Life Alignment" Mini-Course on the plane! Much love,

Margo Bruns

I am 59 yrs old and was on medication for A.D.D., depression and I was bi-polar. My first mini-course with the Transparent Belief exercise my life had a big change. I went sane! I felt like I could get off all my medication so, after consulting with my Doctor, I slowly reduced my medication to zero. I was happy and in control. I waited. Will I slip back into my old self? I waited some more and nothing. Still happy! I took another free mini-course and my life improved AGAIN! WOW! I've done many things to be well. Now I had a tool to stay happy and well. Next I took a ReSurfacing Course.

I got into Avatar because of my older Brother. I asked him after ReSurfacing "Can this get any better? I mean how happy is happy?" He said "Avatar doesn't disappoint." I am now finishng the Avatar Course and he is right. Avatar does not disappoint. My life will never be the same!! Thank you Harry. Be happy and well,