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Kia-ora Harry,

I just started on my Mini-Course. It is indescribable. I feel I've come home. I already know what my passion and purpose is for being here. I've always pictured the bigger picture. I can't wait to meet you and your wife Avra. Love,

Margaret Humphries- New Zealand

Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for your vision and these tools. Thank you for not giving up a long time ago in the face of a pretty discouraging world.

Without you and these tools my life would have continued to be trying to get through one painful moment to the next. Instead it's one filled with grace and gratitude and many amazing companions who love and support each other.

This week at the International Avatar Course has been the best yet! I got to see and handle a core identity that I didn't even realize was within me, but was causing me to feel separate and alone. Now it's gone and I feel even more connected, empowered, happy and blessed than ever before. Now on to my life's purpose of contributing to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Thank you! I love you!

Maryann Fitzgerald- USA

Hi Harry,

Thank you so much for developing the Mini-Courses. Today I completed the Basic Will Mini-Course. I had a huge shift in my self-confidence as a result of the exercises in the course. I realized I am in control and I can do the things I decide to do. I started today doing things I couldn't have done without these realizations. I would have kept making excuses.

Best regards,

Leigh Beckhaus- New Zealand

Dear Harry,

During my Avatar Course I did great with Day one and two, Section I, ReSurfacing. Then I got stuck in developing the first perceptual tool in Section II. I was coached doing several mini-courses and programs with no change. On day five I did the Compassion exercise and Forgiveness Mini-Course and the dam broke. I am 63 and don't remember crying like this since I was very young. Tons of feelings, emotions and memories I had buried came up. Before I came here I had forgiven with the head but not in the heart! Thanks for this great program. P.S. Like you said "Don't let what your being get in the way of what you might become".

Martin Van Dinther- Canada

Dear Harry,

When I started with Avatar I wanted to find out if I wanted a divorce. I was still with my family, but not happy and still had this doubt. However I worked on the Forgiveness Mini-Course and when I finished I just felt for the first "real" time that I wanted to stay with my husband. I feel free and light. If I can handle myself and forgive me, then I can handle the whole world!

Alexandra Itfuzon- USA