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Good morning,

Yesterday I finished the transparent belief exercise with Mark, our school social worker. Being present to his awakening to his own creation was amazing, and the following spontaneous laughter! He talked about the lightness you shared with level four beliefs in your video. He wants that. Thanks, Harry, for so many ways to support people wherever they are on their road to enlightenmen!

It truly is Avatar Times!

I wanted to say thanks for the first exercise of the Will Mini-Course. Reading the instructions: "...if at any time you become aware of being distracted, just return to the exercise without any self-criticism."

I was able to notice when I was diverted or distracted without self-criticism. I put my attention back on what I wished to achieve. If sometimes I notice self-criticism, well, I notice that too and smile at my distraction and move on. It feels good to finally stop beating myself up. The mini-courses are priceless. Thank you! I am enjoying learning.



Harry, I wrote you one note to date about the gains I am acquiring using your inspiration and works. This morning while using the Belief Management Mini-Course, I found a major transparent belief that will finally change a pattern that has created in my life. And this afternoon, another major transparent belief revealed itself that will change more patterns that have been running my life that I will no own be able to change. Thank You Harry for all your dedication to make the Universe more Aware.

I came to Avatar as open minded as I could and still full of skepticism, fears and cynicism. I related the context very fast because I am a 'feeling' person, but that wasn't it! Why? Because of the belief that I have to be sure of what ever I'm doing. By the end of Section I, of course, I discreated that feeling and guess what? I could experience the Avatar experience fully. This is it! It really works! By the time I was in Section 3, it was like a fish in your pool-a happy tilapi! You can't argue with that. I am a real Avatar. I can identify my secondaries in an instant, discreate them. I create myself. I feel alive, creating, doing it, discreating, whatever I am interested in. It's all me. I am Source. Thank You.


Harry, I had a fantastic day with my Mini Course, Basic Will. I especially found the release of worries very freeing. My primaries just flowed once I experienced turning some worries on and off. Much Gratitude.