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Good morning, Harry!
Eleven teachers/social workers came to part one of Attention Management. Three of them really extrapolated the first exercises(mini booklet) into their classrooms! Part two is next Wednesday! This is their first experience of Avatar!
Mike was telling me this morning that his boss presented what he'd learned from a brain study program, he's been doing. Mike told Pablo afterward, that Avatar takes you through the experiences and from there, huge insights and free attention are created by the person. Pablo wants to come to an intro, and have one at the office center for his staff. This would be an amazing gift for his team! Just couldn't not tell you what's happening in Minnesota..besides snow and cold's reallly lovely! Maybe, you'll come and visit sometime.

Have a super day!
Thank you, Harry!

Dear Harry,

I was just doing the Belief Management Mini Course 6 and wanted to let you know how fantastic it was!

Here is my debrief:

The objective was looking at fear and anxiety of not knowing, that's what gets in the way of peace and being able to trust in the good and my decisions etc.

I did Belief Management Mini Course 6.

What actually happened was i gained many insights into how my thinking was operating and effecting my reality and how one belief would lead me down the rabbit hole of that way of thinking. It was a world of struggle in my mind - 'stick a fork in me I'm done'. My transparent belief was I'm guiding my higher self. Laugh out loud! My ego was guiding it! How funny! What I realised was that as well as this belief creating struggle for me, I can now feel how my higher self can be on this planet and how 'when I steps aside you show up' Wow, incredible I feel.

So I decided to continue and did another belief management mini course on profanation of Avatar (the quality being wanting to honour Avatar).

What happened was that I gained a peace just by writing the beliefs down, it was like releasing attention, like the power of a walk for atonement was the feel of it, a reconcilliation. The transparent belief was totally not expected but made a lot of sense. I did it on not believing in Avatars power. What I found was how my archetype of power is based on type one beliefs, on assertion and being aggressive. The belief was to be powerful you have to be aggressive, and the funny thing of course is that Avatar is not aggressive.

Through this mini course and the previous one I can really see how Avatar is operating from a higher spiritual level of consciousness and how this spiritual plane and the realm the planet is in does not have to be seperate and how you and Avra and the trainers and Star's Edge are all operating from this level of consciousness and creating in the world. Its awesome to really feel that - you know I got it intellectually, but I never felt it and how it is possible and now I do and how you operate from such a high level of integrity.

Thank you Harry I feel . Words cannot describe but definately more integrated and at peace. Thank you. :@)

Emma x x x

Hello Harry,
I'm sittnig here in the library in my home town Gothenburg translating the mini cource forgivnes option. I just realized that these mini cources are a life saviour. For me! I don't know if it is world wide, but here people around me seam to hit rock bottom one by one. When they call me one by one I tell them to do the mini cources on and it frees up my time to continue with the translations. Interresting. It's always a plesure to translate your words, but this is the first time I really see how it benefit me personally to do this job. In the end of the day it will give me more time, just to sit under a tree and smell on the flowers. Someting I do
really well.

Love Lars

Dear Harry,

I have so much appreciation for what your tools help people to handle, accomplish and become. We just finished the biggest Avatar course ever in Orlando! And it was such magic.

I was working with minicourse students. Here are just a few stories:

One young woman from Japan had done something that she felt terrible about. She was doing the Attn Mgt minicourse. While writing her poem, she traced the event back to early in her life when she had shoplifted and lied to her parents about it. That's what she wrote in her poem. Without specific instruction she had found the trigger transgression on her own! And she felt so relieved!

Another man had tried many things to end the worthlessness he felt after being beaten by his father as a child. He was blaming himself for what happened. He said he had spent many hours over a number of years trying to address these feelings, but still felt quite hopeless about handling them. He didn't want to try the Forgiveness Option because he didn't think it would help. So we did inside-outside feel-its on the feeling of worthlessness and self-hatred. When those feelings shifted, he was willing to do the F.O., which really transformed the way that he felt about himself.

Another woman was working on the Will minicourse. She had the belief that "I am what I feel" and "if I create the feeling, it's false." So she felt that however her blueprint was defining her currently, that's what she was stuck with. She worked for quite a while turning reactions and feelings on and off, then turning off worries. She discovered that she could decide how to feel and what to believe. At the end of the course she was happy, relaxed and source.

There was a woman from Japan who had been living a "hippie" lifestyle, staying with different friends for a few days at a time. She did the Releasing Fixed Attention on the Attn Mgt minicourse on the area of feeling like she had to choose between experiencing all possibility and limiting herself by choosing to create something in the physical world. She came up with a wonderful solution for how she could both maintain her ideals and create her dreams when she realized that she had the transparent belief that she could not create more than one thing at a time.

And I can not begin to say thank you for the how the tools have affected me personally. I am so grateful for the support of Avra, John and Kathy and the other trainers as we integrate our secrets so that we can truly serve others.

Thank you so much for the sheer joy of working with people using these tools. I went to medical school and psychiatry residency to learn to help people at a fundamental level. Your tools have given me this opportunity, and have provided such opportunity to the people of this planet. With these tools and this primary of creating an enlightened planetary civilization, there is nothing that can stop humanity from taking charge of consciousness to increase compassion and tolerance for everyone.

With deep gratitude,