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Dear Harry, Avra, & Miken,

After completing the Integrity Mini Course at the Geelong International Course. I wanted to share with you all a moment of Joy.

Firstly, I finally understood that it is Honesty with oneself and others that leads to Happiness and Freedom. By clearing up my Dis-honesty, I felt real and a freedom and excitement for life again.

I am going through another experience of cancer again and at the end of the Integrity Mini Course, you do the Compassion Exercise, so I did it first for the cancer and then for my body.

From doing this exercise for the cancer, I felt such deep compassion for cancer. It was no longer an enemy to be conquered and resisted, for what you resist, persists. I then did the Compassion Exercise for my body and again a deep sense of comapssion for it. All the anger and blame and criticism had gone and was replaced with an awe of wonder at its ability to heal.

Each day is a Blessing and the most important thing for me is my Spiritual unfoldment so that I may contribute to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I now realize that Being in Service is a gift to embrace and to do it NOW! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Roslyn Benson - Australia - 2008

Dear Harry
I just recently come home from hospital after 5 weeks of treatment for cancer and a hip replacement surgery. While in hospital a very dear Avatar Master/friend came in and run me through the Belief Management Mini-Course.
Exploring the 4 levels of beliefs was a light-bulb moment for me.

Understanding the different levels of belief enabled me while in hospital to appreciate which level of belief Doctor's Nurses, friends and family were operating from.
I could see quite clearly that the Doctors were operating from level 3 beliefs while some friends and family and nurses would be from level 2 and 3.
I then would create beliefs from level 4 that would keep me moving forward each day in my recovery and enabled me to stay focused and deliberate on my recovery and I have had amazing results so far.

I am now home from hospital and walking with the aid of crutches at the moment until my leg strengthens, but I am very independent, pain free and a visible lump on the outside of my body has shrunk by 3/4 of the size that it was. I am feeling very healthy and feeling a lot of joy and passion for life again.

My primary -" My body heals itself in alignment with all the treatment."

Having the awareness of the 4 levels of belief was a blessing and each day I would create new beliefs that would keep me moving forward and not have stuck attention on past reference points.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to you Harry, Avra and Miken for the Avatar material's and especially the - Belief Management Mini-Course.

With much Love and Joy and Peace

Roslyn Benson

Dear Harry,

Last night at an Inspiration Event was the first time I have used the Definition Mini Course with a group. Five people worked on it. WOW. The energy was fantastic. Lots of wins.

The group Thoughtstorm on the obstacles to creating an EPC and how to overcome them was very inspiring. We explored fear and discouragement as obstacles. The group noted that fear felt very alone, but overcoming it involved reaching out, connecting with others and service, which moved you right up towards community. Everyone reported that they felt empowered with a new viewpoint about facing fear.

One young man, who will attend the upcoming Masters, discovered that his "Exploring Self Definition" exercise contained lots of conflicting beliefs. He has been struggling with "ups and downs" and got some great insights.

The feel of the group was so inspired after ending with "Expansion" and the reading about the First Avatars. We had started the evening watching your last 2 DVDs. All in all it was a "knock your socks off evening". I plan to repeat it!

Harry, I am so grateful for the mini courses and DVDs you have provided. Using these tools is just incredible. I believe it was at the 2000 Wizards that the QMs (such as we were at the time) were asked by Avra how Star's Edge could help us. At one point someone joked, " Well, how about sending Harry to our courses." Someone else said, "Or how about having him just drop by our Intros?" Everyone sighed and laughed. We passed the suggestions we came up with along to Avra, along with our "joke". Now look at what we have!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are at every one of our Intros and all of our courses!! People feel they have a personal relationship with you right from the start. Even prospects quote you to me!

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your team. With love and gratitude I sign off to go create more Avatars, Masters and Wizards.


Beth White

Good morning, Harry!
Eleven teachers/social workers came to part one of Attention Management. Three of them really extrapolated the first exercises(mini booklet) into their classrooms! Part two is next Wednesday! This is their first experience of Avatar!
Mike was telling me this morning that his boss presented what he'd learned from a brain study program, he's been doing. Mike told Pablo afterward, that Avatar takes you through the experiences and from there, huge insights and free attention are created by the person. Pablo wants to come to an intro, and have one at the office center for his staff. This would be an amazing gift for his team! Just couldn't not tell you what's happening in Minnesota..besides snow and cold's reallly lovely! Maybe, you'll come and visit sometime.

Have a super day!
Thank you, Harry!