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Dear Harry,

Today I completed my second Master Course. Sharing the table with all the new Masters gave me the opportunity to experience my confidence in the materials. I decided I AM an Avatar Master! I have signed up for my first ReSurfacing Internship. And on I go! With love,

Anh Ravenswaaij- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

I have attended the Avatar Course, Master Course and Wizards. I've been working on my limiting beliefs for 11 months since Avatar. I interned as a Master taking my wife and son through the International Avatar Course. I reviewed the Masters Course this week as my wife went through Masters. I got so much out of the course this week regarding the tools and feeling even more competent. But, best of all, this is the first time in my life that I haven't felt broken and unlovable. Thank you, Harry, and bless you! Your brother in love,

Brent Naseath- USA

Dear Harry,

I just finished the Avatar Master Course. What it did to me, what it did with me! I cannot oversee it's width. I am 61 years old and have never experienced anything like this. Life has left its marks and scars, but it seems as if a lot of them are disappearing and/or do not hurt me anymore.

My wife and I had planned to spend a couple of weeks in Spain for a holiday, but I decided to go to Orlando. My wife fully supported me on that. She is now in Spain and I am in Orlando, but she has never been so close to me as right now at this very moment. I truly feel her in my heart. Thank you for that.

I'm sure I can cope much better with all the things I have to do in the times coming. You gave me a lot of tools to handle that. The idea you sent into the world took my breath away. I want to be part of it. Micheal Jackson, you, but above all the people I have met during this course convinced me that we can change the world, make it a better place. No. We WILL make it a better place! I will go on. I shall go on. Thanks Harry!

Henk Doevendans- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

It was my first time to translate for my fellow Korean Masters. I translated your talk from the DVD "How To Explain Everything". I am so grateful and proud also to have the chance to connect both of you to each other. I like this talk. It's very simple and straightforward like a line. Thank you so much for all of Avatar and the EPC.

I want to tell you an impressive scene from the last Avatar Course in Korea. One of the Masters finally created her husband and son as Avatars. She did the course more than 5 years ago. Her daughter became a Master earlier this year and they delivered the course to the other two family members together. At the end of the course I saw the four of them surround our Korean Qualified Master and hug her. Imagine such a beautiful moment. These two guys became Masters at this Masters Course. They will be a family of Wizards next year. Congratulations! Thank you Harry. Thanks!

Anne Tokko- Korea