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Dear Harry,

I became a better self. I can feel myself as a creator. I could feel the life in service to others and could grow further. I feel like I understand the meaning of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I also feel the expansion of my mind. I won't ever forget the meaning of service to others.

B.S.T.- Korea

Dear Harry,

Wow! For so many years I was stuck on a merry go round and unable to get off. I knew I would find the answers that were alluding me through Avatar,  but I didn't know at what point I would discover this. My goal was to find the answers at the Master Course and I am thrilled to say I did succeed!

Such incredible discoveries and I feel excited about life again. Such simplicity unravels a lifetime of habitual chaos. What a blessing it has been to discover Avatar! In sincere appreciation,

Luanna Scott- Australia

Dear Harry,

This morning I had a sudden and simple realization that it really is where I choose to place my attention. You see, I went to bed in an identity, woke up in "it" and "it" even dreamed for me. I got up to go for a walk and, viola, I bumped into someone and invited them along. A perfect opportunity for a Discouragement Drill. Later as several course participants were sharing stories about childhood accidents, I remembered and shifted my attention to all the times my Mom and Dad had loved me and cared deeply about me. Not a story I often entertained. Again, all of a sudden, I experienced a whole new depth of love from my parents. I feel immense gratitude and love for my parents and I know "they" can feel that too,

Wow! This is a life changing moment and I feel like it's okay to release my parents and take the strength, love and encouragement they provided and move forward in my life!

Nancy Taylor- Australia

Dear Harry,

One of my biggest realizations that I am integrating is seeing and feeling peoples higher self and seeing their identities as just identities. I feel like I am truly seeing people as Gods and not as the boxes they put themselves in. And from an empowering point of view, I finally realize what I am doing to people when I make them feel like it's okay to play small and like it's okay to live their lives through these identities. I'm not helping them to play a bigger game; I'm not helping them reach their full potential when I'm doing that. I understand why the Qualified Masters make light of others identities, because they realize that "that" is not what anybody is! So thank you for starting this empowering experience. I love you.

Jesse Baldizan- USA