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Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for this wonderful work. I am so grateful that I am able to participate and contribute to making change in the world this way. This week, I have experienced the magic of gratitude. Whenever things started to dip or get a bit sticky with a student I would decide to create gratitude and immediately a shift would occur. Amazing.

So many have expressed gratitude for the changes they have experienced and I am seeing how an outflow of gratitude creates an inflow, and keeps everything moving. It's wonderful. With Love and Gratitude.

Dear Harry,

Today we are on Day 10 of the Melbourne Avatar Course and I am witnessing the many miracles that your tools create.

Barbara has just been announced and is leaving a happy woman in love with her life and her family.

Her daughter Alison is a fellow AI, and I love the way we get the care for each others' families in such an empowering way. Alison too is glowing as she's walking out with her new Mum who in only 10 days has changed so much that she's created a new love for her husband and family and children, and is free of the guilt and anger she's been living in since her son's death. We are so lucky to be a part of a true miracle of this amazing team.


Dear Harry, A warm Thank You for creating such a wonderful organization. I've just done my first Internship; in Melbourne, after three months of starting Avatar. In my life, l've never come across such a 'real, caring, loving, supportive' bunch of people. There is nothing else out there that has this effect on Humans and the Goodness of the Planet. To experience the awakening of Self and to witness it in others... there are no words that can explain. Thank You for having the will and courage to share this with the world. See you at Wizards.


I got a wonderful result in reviewing the Master Course this time. I found out my irresponsibility since my schooling, my family, my marriage, and working. I see all my suffering was created by me. In the Transparent Belief Exercise and Protecting Process I take more responsibility. My belief create my experience. My sabotage belief create my hopeless feeling, creating my suffering. I haven't taken responsibility. I make others do what I am supposed to do. It's a smokescreen. Thank You Della. Thank You for all the support from all the Trainers. Thank You Harry for taking me out of my mind to see the light. I will contribute to an EPC. I will study and practice until I become an outstanding Avatar Master.

C.L-C. - Taiwan-2007