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It's been such an amazing experience. During ReSurfacing, there was a moment when I felt something and I shared that feeling with the student I was working with. I used to feel that sharing what I feel was an action that sets apart the materials. This time I shared honestly what I feel and the student shifted. At that moment, I realized that I've been creating separation from the materials and actually there hasn't been any separation. I am so impressed to realize this.


And when I return home with the Serious Drill, I have changed already more than I could ever imagine.


Oh, Thank You! I thought I was pretty good, really. I've done Avatar. I've read every Self Help book, watched all the DVDs.... but in 2 days of Masters, the veil was lifted. Once the veil came off, everything else slotted into place. Everything else made sense. My heart opened, my face softened. I feel my life will be much easier now. There will be more softer, loving emotions in my life. Oh, Thank YOU!


I've discovered that dropping an identity creates a lot of space and freedom. Space for others and for myself. Freedom to feel, freedom to be.