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I came to The Master Course with expectations and questions: How will the course be? What will I learn? Today, as I complete the course, I wish to express that I am very happy I came to Orlando and shared these nine wonderful days.

I have gained powerful tools, and I will use them with my family and my country.

I am happy to be an Avatar Master.

As a result of the Protecting Process, I realized that there are worse things than being hurt or hurting someone else. I learned that sometimes I must be willing to be hurt in order to make a "course correction." I also realized that course corrections in life are what is best, but they can also cause pain in others. But once the correction is made, healing can begin and now the course is true. It feels right.

Thank you Harry for being willing to change, grow, explore, and share.


Ann Cox

Hi Harry,

Thank you!!

I was at the hotel the other day when you arrived and it was a joy to watch and feel you as you connected with the excited Masters who came up to talk to you.

You were so sweet and kind, and so present with each person ... just as you have been with me when I came up to connect with you in the past ... no "here I am", only "I am here now with you".

Thank you for being a wonderful role model and an embodiment of the Mission of Avatar.

With love, Lizzy

Hi Harry

How are you? I hope you are happy to be you : )

I wanted to say thank you...
Thank you for your humility - it is so inspiring;
Thank you for operating from the highest level of integrity;
Thank you for dealing with all the attacks, discouragement and ignorance over the years and allowing the rest of us to stay focused on the path of becoming successful Avatar Masters;
Thank you for sharing the discouragement drill with us so that I can use this tool and keep moving forward knowing that I have encouraged someone else to move forward too;
Thank you for never, never, never giving up.

I am so grateful and inspired for all that you have contributed to creating an EPC and I look forward to being more and more aligned with the network and supporting our primary.

I look forward to seeing you at Wizards next month - it'll be the first time for my fiancee and I and we are so excited!

I wish all the very best.

Love and light,