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After this Master Course my life will never be the same. This was the most profound yet simple course I've ever done. I got the materials on a much deeper, experiential level. I decided to be easy on myself and really give myself this course. Funny thing about intention, it works. My primaries are manifesting, and my mind is still. I am inspired.


The Master Course showed me the way to further enlightenment. It is an awesome experience and will last forever. I am really looking forward to passing it on and doing my part for an enlightened world. Thank you for this experience!

Henk-The Netherlands-2007

If you thought that The Master Course was going to be something similar to Avatar, you were wrong. The Master Course, like the Avatar Course, is a whole new experience in life. Each day is like coming from a new shell. Each day you feel that you are getting closer to enlightenment. Each day you feel more in the present, and each day you get to know more about yourself. So, what was the Master Course like for me? Well, it was real! I mean really real!!

James-New Zealand-2007

My universe has shifted. I wanted to mostly address professional frustrations and a few personal issues and that happened-but so did so much more. I am completely aware of how I create my beliefs, my fears, my frustrations, my losses. I realize I can't hang my success or failure on anyone else.

Anna-Florida, USA-2007