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I came with no expectations, just the feeling that I needed to come. By the end of the course I felt like my engine had been rebuilt, and now I'm turbo-charged.

I took The Master Course for personal pleasure. I did not know if I wanted to deliver Avatar. Now I realize that my personal pleasure is to deliver Avatar.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Master Course gave me the world lesson that we are all connected in awareness. I truly know that others are different from me, because they've chosen different definitions of self. We are all free to choose to define our selves differently or the same. Masters choose to create responsibility for their own creations-including co-creations. I'm looking forward to exploring that further at The Wizard Course.

Thanks for creating a space in which I was allowed to change.

Penny-California, USA-2007

This has been an incredible week. So many things have happened, so many insights and wonderful experiences gained. So many perceptions and regained abilities. So many transparent beliefs and old primaries gone. So many new ones made. Miracles are happening. Identities are discreating. I came an enlightened being, and I am leaving an honestly loving being at source.


What a fantastic course! What a wonderful experience to feel the union and togetherness of people working toward an enlightened civilization. Thanks to the trainers for their constant support. With appreciation and love,