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Thanks Harry,

The Avatar Master Course in Orlando was another experience not to be forgotten. To see so many people from different countries from all around the world with the same bond was deeply moving. I look forward to Wizards and beyond.

Shane Patrick Mason- Australia

Dear Harry,

The Avatar Masters Course! Appetizers for an EPC! I just realized that all the moments I've felt and shared with everyone in the Masters course were only appetizers for an EPC. And that is for sure what I would like life to be. Appreciation and powerful connections with everybody, everyday, every moment. Thank you for that!

Andre Tzermias- Brazil

Dear Harry,

Now I finally understand what impact the indoctrination in this society has and why we need to be free from that and have a "Type Four" belief system.

The Part for me that I improved most on this Master Course is I can see a being not as an identity but just as a being. Before I responded to specific identities and sometimes I regarded those identities as the whole part of the being. Now I can trust in others, as beings,  beyond the identities and I can be more compassionate to them. And I now understand why you started the Compassion Project! I will share more Compassion Cards with others and contribute to awakening more people for an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I want to improve with an attitude of more sincere respect for others and myself . I have abused myself and despised others before, but now I will respect and treat preciously not only myself, but also others. I think this is enough to be a good Master.

Thank you form the bottom of my heart for teaching me a lot and helping me to awaken. I have a wish to be a trainer and work with you when you are here. Now I have a lot of limitations about this, but I will manage myself, my words and actions to align with an EPC and the team. Thank you for staying together, Harry. Thank you so much. I love you,

Hyun Suk Cha- Korea

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know what an amazing experience the Master Course has been for me. Trying to get to the Master Course is actually what brought up all my old issues and belief systems. Wow! The drama that I created....incredible!

Never the less, with the fabulous support of the Qualified Masters (who were on the phone supporting me sometimes until 11:30 PM) guiding me through using he exercises, I fumbled my way through it. First, it felt like stumbling around in the dark, feeling a little bit better everyday, until I had a sudden realization and could see clearly what was going on.

At this course we were not only handed the tools, but taught how to use them effectively and confidently! Thank you ever soooo much,

N.V.- New Zealand