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This has been a wonderful course. I have handled so much stuff I am amazed. For the first time I really feel solid as an Avatar and as a Master.

Thanks to all of you for your presence, your realness, your appreciation and your assistance. You mean so much to me that I can't put it into words...


Thank you, thank you-no, thank me! I am source. I created the reality I wanted. I am going to deliver Avatar! The idea of being able to help guide someone through this process and watch the unfolding and expansion occur is a wonderful, awesome, beautiful feeling that I am really looking forward to. When I think about my life before Avatar, and then think about how I create and view life since Avatar-well, let's just say that in my reality everyone takes Avatar, because nobody wants to live the other way. Sometimes it is just a matter of having forgotten the way home, and Star's Edge turns the porch light on.

Love, light and laughter,

What a wonder! I came to the course fully expecting to discover fulfillment and realized that I would find it in experiencing all of the creations in my life that I have been resisting. My intention was to put my business on auto-pilot and deliver Avatar full-time. Now I realize what a great treasure I have in my business. I have not changed my intention to deliver, but now I can do so with completion.
Korea, the nation of the quiet morning.

The Master Course at Chejudo, the beautiful island.

I made the journey of exploring the universe with friends.
The journey to self.
The journey with.
The journey pleasant.
Feeling grateful to Harry and Star's Edge.