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I really enjoyed the course. I gained more insights during the exercises, and everything seems clearer to me. I shifted some major patterns in my life. I feel more motivation and enthusiasm to apply Avatar in my daily life. My gratitude to Stars Edge, the trainers and all the other Avatars I met on this journey.


Wow! The course felt light and easy from day one and continued through to the ninth day. Everyone was so eager and willing to plow right on through each exercise with no resistance. Never have I felt such positive gains with no more effort than a willingness to experience.
I will continue to create what I choose.

Barbara-Ohio, USA-2007

Avatar is Harry Palmer's and Star's Edge International's gift to the world. I can't think of a better gift than the tools The Avatar Course gives to help individuals discover and discreate their creations and to create and experience the lives they choose.

The Master Course has helped me to realize that I create all of my experiences. As a creator I can create and experience what I want. What a great knowing-I am source!

Thank you, trainers, for the love with which you guide us through our experiences.


Thank you so much for creating the most wonderful Master Course in Melbourne this year.

I am in total amazement at how deep this journey can take me. It feels bottomless! I am still in this feeling of appreciation and gratefulness-tasting the flavor of No Limit Being.
With great love,