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The Avatar Master Course is the most marvelous creation I have ever experienced. It is so full, so rich, and so real! It has given me back ME so completely. I have created this journey over eons to fully experience all my creations and have come full circle. It is difficult to translate this feeling into words. There is a richness and fullness that has arrived. I am a glorious being, as we all are. We are one unlimited creation, forever expanding. It is infinite.

I have a deep, heartfelt appreciation for Harry, Avra and Star's Edge for their love, compassion and gift to the world. We are truly creating an enlightened planetary civilization. Let it shine. It is brilliant.

Jane-Vermont, USA-2007

I came to the course with the primary of going deeper into the materials, and I saw it manifest in so many different ways.

I found a unique space within myself where I was able to be in full appreciation for my being. From this space I can fully appreciate others.

Maria Elena-Venezuela-2007

The Avatar Master Course gave me more insight into who I am and what I am doing here in this life. It brought me to very deep limitations and helped me to dissolve them.

On the other hand, the Master Course was an accelerator to practice the Avatar materials in my daily life. This helped especially in working with resistances in the companies that hire me to coach changing processes. The resistance became much lighter for me and for the people I coach.

In the third place, the Master Course gave me my license, and now I am delivering the Avatar Course five times per year. So I created for myself the opportunity to review the course five times a year.

Guy Janssens-Belgium-2007

I finished my Avatar Course in Australia in May, 1994. My first Master Course was the following September. I then decided to quit my job and teach Avatar in my home country of Japan, because it was not offered there yet.

When I arrived at The Master Course the first thing I came up against was my creation about shyness. Imagine 200-300 people from all over the world! Every one of them looked and felt like an enemy trying to embarrass me. I wanted to go home. The course provided me with very effective, yet fun, tools to handle this. Soon my fears about people started to melt, and the classroom became the world's safest space. This allowed me to become more and more vulnerable. I started to get real and honest with myself.

Becoming real was just like Harry talked about in ReSurfacing. This was the greatest thing I harvested from The Master Course. We handle a lot of identities on The Avatar Course, but in some particular situation or with a particular person, I felt like I would put on armor to protect myself. I am sure you can imagine what it might be like to take off this heavy constricting armor. This feeling of liberation became the foundation of my confidence in doing life. It allowed me the space to go to Wizard's too!

By the end of the course those enemies became the warmest group of friends-cutting across all races, religions, occupations, etc. I would invite anyone who even has the slightest interest in coming to Master's to get on a plane and get there!