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Since starting to work with the Source List I have experienced a quantum leap in aliveness, presence, and a willingness to do anything requested.

My ability to handle secondaries and focus on creating the primary has greatly improved. I experience a kind of peaceful excitement.


For the past few years I have been gaining weight, and I am now about fifty pounds overweight. During The Master Course I made the simple discovery that I have been making this situation more difficult than anything else in my life. I have been creating that this problem is a "special" problem.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this situation is no different or no more difficult than any other. It is simple. In order to succeed, I can make choices that bring me to success. Simple? Yes! A profound grasp of the obvious, except that it was not obvious to me until Avatar.

Suze-Texas, USA-2007

Such a beautiful course. It was flawless, loving, gentle, fun and caring. Thank you, each and every one of you. Your loving kindness carried me through deep waters to the shore. It was a long journey full of frightening creations, but you loved me back to source. You took nothing and gave me everything. You'll live forever in the starry nights and sun-filled days of my life.

Annie-Pennsylvania, USA-2007

Walls have dissolved. I have no boundaries. Each movement is a new and wondrous experience. I have my vast space again. I have learned great and powerful lessons. I am awed.

Nancy-Wyoming, USA-2007