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I've discovered that dropping an identity creates a lot of space and freedom. Space for others and for myself. Freedom to feel, freedom to be.


What's amazing me most is to find out that whatever creation I'm in, I can use any exercise to shift or discreate that creation. It's so good to find out that I'm the one who's sabotaging myself. Although I don't like to take responsibility for some things. I know now that I am and that is such a relief. I am on my way, taking care of things. I create and created and take responsibility for those things is a very comfortable feeling and it makes me face, trusting the future and my life.

K.V.D.N- Australia-2008

I finally got it. After doing countless courses to try and fix myself, I realize that the effort to fix myself is a waste. I'm not perfect, but I ‘m still pretty darned good. My primary to deliver Avatar is the best thing I can do for myself. It is a win/win/win (me, the other, all that is). Thanks Harry.


Hey reader, if you thought that the Master's Course was going to be something similar to Avatar, you were wrong. The Master's Course, like the Avatar Course, is a whole new experience in life. Each day is like coming from a new shell. Each day you feel that you are getting closer to enlightenment. Each day you feel more in the present, and each day you get to know more about yourself. So, what was the Master's Course like for me? Well... it was real! I mean really real!! I felt it was much better than the Avatar Course. The shy person I am, I found it quite difficult to communicate with people in my world. However, the world of Avatar is truly different. You get to know so many people and soon you get more confident. Well, that was how I felt. It was just like kindergarden where yo just don't care and just be friends. Be happy, right? So, to you, reader, if you haven't gone to Masters, I really recommend it from the bottom of my heart. And to those who've finished the Master's Course, keep it up and hopefully we'll meet someday in either the Pro or Wizard's Course. You never know... PRIMARY? Love you all and hope you enjoy your life to the fullest.