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I am in awe of how the Avatar tools enable us to connect right away on such a deep level with people. Right from the Intro, to ReSurfacing and on, the combination of Serious Drill with the exercizes creates a truly magical space for us to connect being-to-being. I am really loving meeting so many good people and having the opportunity to bring them to the Avatar network where I know they will have the most amazing awakening in a loving environment!

I am also so grateful for the way the Avra and the QM's give me feedback so I can take responsibility for Ego patterns that I have really been protecting It is an invaluable experience to be able to hear how I am impacting others, without any judgment or condemnation. Then I can keep integrating without shame or blame. I am really looking forward to this Integrity course to work on integrating Disempowering/the right to abuse others. I cant imagine a safer space, where I can be totally honest and feel encouraged to keep growing.

I also wanted to share that all of my students from Austin want to go to May Masters and want to deliver! There is no better feeling than inspiring someone to Avatar and being part of their awakening and witnessing their desire to contribute to an EPC.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating the space for us all of us to awaken, to learn what it means to truly connect with and be in service to others, and to experience the greatest joy possible- contributing to an EPC together.

All my love,
Multiply the feeling after the first Avatar Course a hundredfold, and there you have the Master's Course. Great!


It's been such an amazing experience. During ReSurfacing, there was a moment when I felt something and I shared that feeling with the student I was working with. I used to feel that sharing what I feel was an action that sets apart the materials. This time I shared honestly what I feel and the student shifted. At that moment, I realized that I've been creating separation from the materials and actually there hasn't been any separation. I am so impressed to realize this.


And when I return home with the Serious Drill, I have changed already more than I could ever imagine.


Oh, Thank You! I thought I was pretty good, really. I've done Avatar. I've read every Self Help book, watched all the DVDs.... but in 2 days of Masters, the veil was lifted. Once the veil came off, everything else slotted into place. Everything else made sense. My heart opened, my face softened. I feel my life will be much easier now. There will be more softer, loving emotions in my life. Oh, Thank YOU!