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Dear Harry and Star's Edge Trainers,

Thank you for creating and spreading Avatar! You've touched my life and now, using the tools, I'm changing. What I become feels so good... It's interesting and a bit unbelievable for me, that from being miserable and experiencing "there's no way out" and "there's no future" I moved to a place where I can feel great potential of life and see immediate results of my primary (of my will). I feel worthy now, I have great wife and good job. To be honest - it's a great step for me. I'm suddenly experiencing inexpressible sense of life. Also, I thank you Trainers for my Master Course that brought me to the most extraordinary experience of ME ever - think you understand. Hugs.

Anatolii Tytarchuk- Ukraine

Hey Harry,

I'm a Master from Germany and I'm 15 years old and your network is so great. With the materials from Avatar I have mastered many problems!!!!!!!!! You are a big favorite of mine!

S. B.- USA

Hi Harry,

Thanks for the gift of the Avatar tools. The gratitude I have for the work has helped two more people decide to awaken this weekend. We all are flowing at this course and have the intention for all to make it to Masters in a few weeks. It is incredible to feel people wanting to take more responsibility for themselves and humanity. The Enlightened Planetary Civilization is definitely creating! Lots of love,

Erika Hora- Australia

Dear Harry,

I am at the Avatar Master Course. This feels like an extension of the Avatar Course. The amount of time that I'm able to be Source has increased! Between me and other people walls have gone, understanding has increased, it's lighter and boundaries have expanded. When I did the Persistent Mass exercise, several childhood memories came up. I realized that the many fragmented, momentary memories were the moments when I had a new faith in what I am. Thank you!!

Takeshi Kimura- Japan