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Dear Harry,

I am 14 years old and I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to come here because it had been so long since my first course. But now I am so glad I came. I now feel like I can tell my friends about it with confidence and use the exercises whenever I am in a creation.

I was so amazed by the powerful tool I  learned at Masters. I can use it to help my friends. I used to have a self esteem / confidence problem but I have finally discreated it and I feel much more confident. I also use to judge people a lot and now I can just see people as they are and have less or no resists on people. This is so much better than any holiday by the beach and I feel like a much better person. I am so glad I came. THANK YOU,

J.B. - USA

Dear Harry,

Over the past few days a team of Masters have been contacting people who have done the Avatar Course a long time ago to invite them to do the Master Course. We notice how deep-felt the Avatar experience has been for them, and how the tools are still supporting them today,  even if they have done the course in the early 90's. There is a lot of gratitude in them, awakening a lot of gratitude in me. Thank you!

Patrick Kools- the Netherlands

Dear Harry,

I reviewed the Avatar Master Course after 10 years and even after 8 Wizard Courses. It was very helpful! I got some new insights about many of the tools and I am now able to do them on a different level. I can feel how some of my attention was always on me before and now I am able to keep my attention fully out on the other person. I am also able to fully relax when doing the exercises and this relaxing is new.

I also discovered a deeper level of a very old and strong identity. I learned how to use the tools and fully feel it even when I am on stage talking, appreciate it and feel how it disappeared. So it is always good to review the Master Course even after attending Wizards. I am very grateful about the techniques,  about your gift. Like always, thank you Harry!

Adele Landaner- USA



I received my Initiation after becoming a Master from a friend and it left me in a state of amazement! I could not believe what happened after. I was looking out of the glass window and I started appreciating the sky outside.Then I looked up at the ceiling and I saw a beautiful pattern.Then suddenly it occurred to me that I was not wearing my glasses. Yes I am very shortsighted! But as soon as I realized this, my eyesight returned to it's previous state. But now I feel that, yes, I created this shortsighted eyesight because I used to look at people with glasses and think they looked so intelligent and I wanted to look like them! So now I know I created this reality. And, yes, I can change it too and I will. Thank you Harry for the Master Course. I hope to see you at the Professional Course soon.

Gaurav Kandpal- USA