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Dear Harry, Avra and Stars Edge,

Thank you for this incredible and supportive experience. My experience of this internship has been incredible. The group of kind, loving and compassionate Masters, QM's and Trainers has really opened my heart to others and Myself. It has put meaning back into my life in a very powerful way. Allowing me to own my life and myself again. My student found himself as source and tears ran from both our eyes. Thank you for your tools that awakened him. Thank you for these tools that have awakened me. Thank you Harry for what you have created.


Rosa H.- USA-2009

Dear Harry,

Finally, I feel I started to understand about taking responsibility.
The reason to resist taking responsibility until now, was that I was afraid of sanction.
My understanding of accepting what I have done was word lesson until now. I still have many things that I have done, but now, I feel that I can take responsibility quicker than before.
I had a very good experience at the May course.
I was able to touch the domain of a trainer, and I feel I got a wonderful intangible gift.
To feel that feeling at this moment, is the connection to an EPC.

With appreciation
Chiho Harada

Dear Harry,

Thank you for the gift of the Avatar materials. It's such a unique gift that keeps on giving infinitely -- if I'm willing to give it to myself with intention of flowing it to the world. I am amazed at this every day. I am most amazed and grateful for your unwavering commitment to keep recreating your Primary, and as I've said in a previous email, for you're willingness to recommit to your Bodhisattva vow in each new moment, continuously. You are my most inspiring reference point. I apologize for when I don't remember how fortunate I am, and don't show up and take responsibility for being that reference point.

And now the Primary for July: "With baby eyes and gratitude to Harry, I inspire and bring four or more full students to support the course in July."

Love and appreciation,


I had the incredible gift to deliver Avatar to one of my childhood friends this week in Taos. We have known each other since the age of two and grew up only a few blocks from each other. Our parents still live in the same houses we grew up in. So it has been thirty years of being in and out of each others lives.

Over the course of this week I have had the great honor of watching her awaken. She has given me such a gift. A gift she is probably not fully aware of yet. Throughout the week I have integrated so many beliefs I had established as a child, especially about my definitions of family and community. I can feel so clearly now how our sangha, the Avatar network, is the family and community I have always intuitively been seeking, I've already delivered Avatar to my biological family and feel so lucky and grateful to have the opportunity in this lifetime to extend my sense of family and community... our Sangha. Thank you,

Doug Andrews- USA- 2009