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Dear Harry,

Thank you for these exercises! It is amazing. More. This is not the word to describe how impressive the power of doing this work is.

I want to thank you too for keeping your primary, handling the discouragement and continuing to move forward.
You and Avra are doing amazing work.

I had the chance to do several Intros and a Resurfacing the last two days and it's been touching to feel the students feeling and awakening after only a few exercises. I love that work and I'm starting to get what it means to be in service. That really makes me happy.

Hear you soon! In Orlando?
Love, Sarah

Sarah Notter Intern 6/21/2009

I did my first field trip. I made a primary and it really worked. I wanted one introduction, and I worked with a college Master, we helped each other, and the next day I did my intro!
Thank you for the primary.
It was great to make it happen.
I found the power of primaries again.
It's been my first Internship and I'm amazed that I'm not so tired even though I wake up at 4:30 each morning. I was inspired by students who awaken, become source and move forward in their lives as they handle their secondaries for Masters. I felt that we need to succeed in our lives. It's "I do it" instead of "someone will do it."
This Internship has been really impressive and it's been worthwhile coming. My conviction to Avatar gets higher and I feel more willingness to contribute to the creation of an EPC by delivering to people who I can connect with.
Masano Tamaki
Dear Harry and Avra,

Wow, what a week I've had! Field trips, meeting new people and building skills in making connection.
The course itself was so beautiful. On my second Internship I learned again so many life lessons.
The waking-up moments from students on the Source List was also great and wonderful!
This week I finally felt the "letting go" in the discreate step. It happened in the initiation practice. I was floating between the sky and I could easily surrender to my resistance and then give my creations to the universe.
I can go on for hours with sharing all my success... also your success!
Let's put it the way a Hungarian student said to me:
"It has been 9 days but it really was like a whole lifetime."

With all my deepest love from Source,
Joorit Knoester,