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Dear Harry,
I would like to share a success with you that I student I was guiding had.
I have been delivering Resurfacing workshops for approximate 15 times now, but this time it was really special.
The student realizes at the Conviction, exercise #20, that she was source. She said, "Oh my God, I'm responsible. A completely different kind of being responsible." It really scared her; but of course, wonderful at the same time. It is hard to convey the feelings of that moment and what exactly happened, by this paper.
I just want you to know that it was another amazing moment that will change a life forever. This is another example of the brilliance of the resurfacing materials.
I had an amazing course. I have been contributing by delivering for two years now. From now on, I will contribute in inspiring and creating new students as well.
Thank you for the wonderful materials and the network
Wendy Wes
Dear Harry,

Interning in Egmond and doing lots of field trips-amazing how much I learn in such a short time. Doing things is really worth a thousand bucks.
One of the things I ran into was my indecision and sneaking out. Doing the protection process, it brought up "I don't know if I do it right" and "I don't know what I do wrong". Trying to figure that out with everything you are doing, did not really make me happy.
I am much more bold and taking initiative now. What takes me right into the next identities-but that is another story.
Thanks for the material and the wonderful group of trainers, QM's and friends that came along with it.
Mark Haarsma

Dear Harry and Avra,

Last Friday, when we were doing our preparations for the course in Egmond, I was doing an exercise. My attention was out for a second. Then in one view, I saw my father, mother, and my sister working with others, too. It's the first time that my whole family is here as masters. This is a beautiful feeling, but what really was amazing is that all the other people amongst them felt nearly the same to me.
The sangha I'm in right now empowers me as strong as my family does. We're just connected.

I want to thank you both that we're so welcome in your creation, your sangha, and now our sangha, too.

With all my love,
Jorrit Knoester, the Netherlands

Dear Harry,
Today I did the program for Inspiration Skills. It is a very inspiring and joyful program. Also seeing my creation that I do in keeping distance from other people and why it is huge/big. Taking responsibility for my creation is a big help for integrating. This program helps me to further contribute to an EPC by using more energy and willpower for this goal.
Best Regards, D.J.