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Dear Harry and Avra,
Once again I am writing to express my gratitude for the wonderful gift of the Avatar tools. I am now entering a space where I am experiencing deliberately creating my reality from Source. Even with all the Avatar work I have done, I had no idea what a secondary my life had become. Now I have more and more moments when I notice what i am experiencing and then choose what my primary from Source would be and create it deliberately. What a wonder. I am making choices in my life that I never dreamed possible and with such peace and serenity.
Thank you again and again.
Judy Grayson
Dear Harry,
I know I am source in every cell of my being. I don't know what is happening but it feels so wide, so expansive, so creative - I am feeling my essence and I am so grateful to you and your materials. I can't even write this in words but I so love you and Avra and this work.
My deepest gratitude and blessings to you,
Dearest Harry and Avra, Miken, Susan, and Star's Edge Trainer Team,

Just when I thought that I must have surely experienced to the outermost limits, the highest level of Integrity, Kindness, and Care by the Star's Edge Trainers and QM Team, POP! I'm experiencing within the biggest creation of inspired right action I could have ever imagined.

What was modeled for us at this International Avatar Course can be described by the resulting increase in: Connection with others and the Avatar materials; responsibility and the resulting courage and stability of presence and power; commitment to contributing to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization transformed into devotion; a sphere of inspiration and joy experienced by all as a Space of Grace.

I'm writing to you from the extended Avatar Course where the action steps have come together effortlessly, and the students and Masters played together tirelessly, and diving together, up stream, happily swimming their tails (tales) off, splashing EPC to the STARS!

Students are creating their first Source List and signing up for Masters and Wizards! What am I saying? They're acknowledging the Master's presence on the first day of ReSurfacing and planting their own seeds moving on their Avatar Path all the way to Wizards. I heard several students on this course declare, "I'm going to Masters in two weeks so I don't miss another year of Wizards!"

There are no more words...
With Reverence and Love.
A Happy Tilapi.

Maria Styles

Dear Harry,

I had the honor to coach two people in this course. They suffered, struggled, cried, and reacted... and today they said, "Avatar is the best thing I have experienced in my life".
I learned with Avatar how to take on the heart of a guardian, to keep my ground, and take a stand with you.
Thank you, thank you.

Isabelle Cavigelli,
Switzerland, 2009