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Dear Harry,

Yesterday I discovered ( allowed myself to fully experience) a huge identity that had been running in my life. All the while I was projecting it out onto others and denying that it really existed. The identity was a control identity and it had the maturity level of about a two year old. Imagine a two year old convinced it COULD and WAS acting as if it was running it's entire universe, everyone and everything in it! Or maybe better, don't imagine it!

The Masters supporting me encouraged me to feel what I was doing to others through this identity they could feel was there; But it was only when I deliberately took off the judgment and resistance I'd had on the identity and allowed myself to experience it that I could feel how big it was literally and how much I had invested in it.

The rest of the day I went around being happy, not about how I had treated others of course, but from relief that I could finally appreciate this old creation and even enjoy it, without having to be at the effect of it anymore. The power of being able to feel....!

What a gift you have given humanity with these tools! Love and gratitude,

Linda Hauser- USA

Hi Harry,

This is my first internship as an Avatar Master!  The two students that came with me are my friends. I had no reference point that I would feel so much love and compassion for these two beings. I am so moved and changed, once again, for the betterment of all of us! I am so looking forward to my next Internship. I will bring family members this time! Love,

Donald Strom- USA

Dear Harry and Avra,

I just became the newest Avatar Master from India, on Sunday night! Thank you from my excited and humble heart. Aum.

Now for the miracle of miracles. I wrote you, Harry, a success note but for some reason didn't hand it in this past week. I wrote on it this: Harry, I would like you to feel into these 3 questions as they are the only questions I have in my heartmind...

1. Is India ready to awaken?

2. Do I have what it takes?

3. Will you support me?

Tonight I arrived in Delhi to hear what all went on while I was transforming my consciousness at the Master Course. India won the World Cup in cricket, after 28 years, the country went mad in happiness and became ONE.

A famous politician went on a hunger strike in New Delhi publicly and said no eating until the anti-corruption bill is passed and that too, is written by the government AND the people. The Prime Minister asked him not to fast, and many other higher ups said “Don't do this”. He said “Nothing doing. I will fast until you wake up and pass this bill”. 97 hours later, he broke fast and the bill will be written.

Lastly, a man who was jailed 3 years ago, a doctor who said the healthcare system in India is not up to basic standards for the poor,  was deemed by someone as a terrorist and they jailed him. The UN, Amnesty International and many others said free him. He is now in the process of being freed.

The kind of movement that is happening since the world cup win a week ago and this fasting publicly to end corruption, is mind blasting, and heart opening.

I have my answer to question #1. This was the hardest question and now its answered for me. Maybe I didn't hand it in because I needed to find this truth myself. I found it and its validated by REALITY.

The time has come now. I am creating my primaries about waking up India tomorrow. I will do it as I create it all and most inspiring is I know the world is a reflecting me.

Love you, Aum Namaha Shivaya and thank you forever.

Tania Sethi- India

Dear Harry,

I am at the fourth day of the Masters Course and already full of success. An incredible adventure!

I like to open myself up a bit more everyday. I like to feel myself alive. Here I am learning the real definition of the words Thank you, Happiness,  Joy and well being.  I like to feel good and to feel my resistances dissolve day to day. I like to discreate my impeding beliefs and create what I really desire. I like to use the new exercises from Masters and feel the fireworks in my heart! I like to feel “myself”. I like to like myself! I like to change and I like what I am becoming. There are many more successes to come. Thank you for everything Harry!

Amandine Guedea- Switzerland