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The Master Course is more than even The Avatar Course. I'm so satisfied. I enjoyed this experience with a lot of people here. I found my patterns and it was not easy to handle that. But I enjoyed a lot. The day before the last day, I woke up early in the morning, and I recalled my life. My life pattern is very complicated. But it is really amazing to enjoy them and solve them.

I feel all the five senses are awakened. I feel my space is filled with love.


I went to the Masters Course and I am 12 years old. I am young, but I had thoughts that made me want to help family and others. Before I didn't know that thoughts made things. In this course I learned and knew this. And I erased old identities. That's great!!

I have one more story. it happened after The Avatar Course but before The Master Course. It happened at my school with my two best friends. We fought over our seats. We all wanted to sit in the middle seat. I wanted to sit in the middle seat so I used tools to create the primary " I sit in the middle seat". And it happened!! I love Avatar!! I wanted to say to my friends "Come do Avatar, it's great!".

Today I have some new primaries. One is "All of my friends and family do Avatar" and also " I will go to the Professional Course"!! It will explain everything. Love,

P.J.W.- China


Dear Harry,

This course is also wonderful! In this time I have the impression, it is clear to me, when I use the Masters tools that I can declare my support to go ahead with my Avatar path with my students and my colleague Sangha (family) of Masters. Accept this wih all my appreciation. I think such compassionate Sangha is not anywhere else in this planet. I am proud to be a member of this Sangha from my heart. I am not alone and can keep on going forever in this network. Thank you!

Mika Sunami- USA


Dear Harry,

I'm deeply moved. I'm filled with the appreciation of being able to support my friends awakening with your tools Harry. My students next challenge is the Master Course. I think he will be a wonderful Master full of compassion. To you, Avra, the Trainers and Qualified Masters and the Sangha, thank you for your connections at this best course! Thank you,

Maki Fujita- Japan