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I found the Transparent Belief " I don't desire to be successful". I understood many things. I would like to commit to success and results. This time the level of conviction in the tools has increased more. I'd like to create my reality by using the tools a lot.
Harry, thank you!

Miyuki Konishi- Japan

Dear Harry,
It is so wonderful to once again be in the space of all these amazing people! The joy and sincere appreciation being expressed by every new Avatar is so wonderful. The dedication and commitment of all the Masters is breath taking. So much love and support.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You have truly blessed our world by sharing yourself and providing the tools to assist in our awakening.
What a wonderful playground!

Eternal love,
Cristi Cook

Dear Harry,

I'm looking at my secrets, bad intentions and hidden agenda's. How lucky I am that I have been given the chance to look at these things in this lifetime. My soul must have held these things and creations for a long, long time. Without the Avatar tools I might never have gone out from my sins. Thank you Harry, from my heart.

A.S. -Japan

Dear Harry,
Thank you for creating the Avatar program and providing tools that have enabled me to integrate the dark energy that has run my entire adult life. I realize that after doing The Avatar Course, four mini-courses (two twice), and Masters in the last two months I am still a beginner, but I have transformed so radically that I am already eternally grateful.

I showed up at Masters with my darkness just begging to be seen by putting criticisms of the course/you on registration form under fixed attention. Tonny and Avra went toe to toe with me and the next morning I began a program of mini-courses guided by Masters, and separated from the rest of my coursemates. It was a painful process and at some point, during day 2 or 3 I remember thinking that this was the point at which I would have traditionally said, "I can't do this" and would have given up.

I was at a major point of choice, and ultimately I trusted the process and knew that either I would get help/healing here or I'd be doomed to a life of loneliness and misery. So I continued on through intolerable feelings and the release and freedom I received was and is indescribable.

I went on to complete the Masters course (which I loved), and I don't think there could be a greater advocate for Avatar than I am. I am so grateful to you for your extraordinary creation, and to have the opportunity to awaken and be source over my life. Oh, and the antidepressant that I've been on for 13 years that couldn't be lowered without me plunging into darkness - it's been cut in ½ since I finished Avatar in July. How's that for physiological proof that something major happened?

Thank you, Harry. And thank you, Avra, Tonny, my wonderful master Rebecca, and all the other dedicated Masters who walked with me through this journey and who help everyone with an open heart. I love this community and I believe that grace delivered me here, in the form of Dr. Diana Kirschner, NYC, who told me she thought Avatar could help me.

Many blessings to you and I hope to meet you some day. I'll certainly be around!