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Hi Harry,

Yesterday was my Birthday! And yesterday I deliberately created each part of my day! It was the best Birthday I've ever had.

The frosting on the cake is that my student ( who is also my cousin) is here doing her Masters Course. And she is having the time of her life! A celebration, a magical celebration that could only happen here! Thank you Harry! Love,

Dan Spaeth- USA


Dear Harry,

Last week I reviewed the Master Course and magical things happened. I made a course goal: staying with myself. And all through the week I was challenged to stay with myself, to stay in feel to what I really want and who I really am. Every minute of the day I practiced this with help of the materials. It was like being in a rapids.

The second half of the week Magical things started to occur: I met the right people at the right moment, I got an offer to change my room for a better room, I suddenly could let go easily of some really impeding patterns. I feel more open to life now from source.

I can really feel now what it is 'to be here with you'. Thank you for making all of this possible! See you at Wizards :)

M.J.- Netherlands

Dear Harry,

I'm Assistant Director of Business Network International in Switzerland. There are chapters in the USA also. The slogan of BNI is "givers gain". My primary is to reach as many people as possible all over the world in the different chapters because many of this people are entrepreneurs and have already the right mindset to be compassionate, appreciative and support others in their growing and success. They are good creators as well but when they start to integrate their identities and learn to discreate it's a wonderful potential for the world. As a member and Assistant Director I was invited to the chapter "Money Talks" in Longwood/FL today - after the presentation I took the opportunity to do the compassion exercise with 27 members of the BNI-Chapter I visited. Most of them where very pleased. Two are interested in doing an introduction to Avatar this week - 4 others are interested in brochures - so I gave out 6 intro flyer's, 6 Avatar® brochures and 27 compassion cards.

I spoke to a guy that regularly prints flyer's for introductions, but he was never inspired to do an intro. He is interested as well and I'm going go contact him this week. Thanks Harry for this wonderful project, that doesn't only increase compassion in the world but also supports your Masters to make easy connections to people, to recognize fertile ground and contribute with more students to the courses. I have sent the link to all directors of the BNI chapters in Florida - and my primary is, that they are contributing with distributing compassion cards as well.. Much Love,

Jacqueline P. Canonica- Switzerland

Dear Harry,

Every Avatar Course I have attended I experience and learn many things. I feel consciousness changing in the deepness of all the students' awareness. I realized I wouldn't accept that I was discouraged, in spite of noticing that a little. There are so many things I have given up because of many outside reasons. Before I became an Avatar Master I was not able to accept that I was really discouraged. I really appreciate that we are given such a tool that we can create inner determination deliberately. I would like to deliver Avatar to many more people. Thank you.

Yuka Kawaguchi- Japan