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Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for trusting us and empowering us through the domains so we can empower the students with the tools!!

I have learned that Serious Drill awakens. I am in awe. It seems to empower the consciousness the attention is focused on. Wow. We can sure change the world by really empowering each other.

Learning to control my attention is so amazing. I can use my will to put it where I like.

I choose to put my attention on the mission in alignment with you and the whole team!!

We can create an EPC, we are on the way.

I love you,
Rob Falconer

Dear Harry,
I am so grateful for the support I have received since becoming an AI. Rich is my new QM. I am so grateful. His presence and unconditional caring support helped me melt away definition and with it so much suffering.
Once again on my Avatar path I have landed in a much broader new version to me and that is also only temporary.
I want so much to learn to be able to pass this experience on, there is no greater joy on this planet.

And compassion and feeling all the way is the key. I'm so thrilled to finally get the mission.

Avra is so amazing. Her teaching us is the greatest school in the world. I will pass care and compassion on and spread the mission in Canada and wherever I connect.

Love you much
Neela Falconer

Oh, my God. This is just so amazing.
To truly understand the mechanics of suffering. To literally understand how it works and to be able to enable people to learn how to shut it off. To literally be able to write someone, and show them how to turn it off!!
In love and gratitude,

Chris Burbridge

Dear Harry,

I feel inspired to see the network of Masters and Avatars expanding so tremendously. I am touched as people introduce themselves. I can feel confident that many people are changing their lives using your tools and accelerating towards an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I feel happy to meet again a friend from my Master Course I have not seen in 6 years. Thank you for creating this wonderful network. I love Avatar.

Monoyo Kinoshita- Japan