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Thank you for these incredible tools. I have just  delivered Avatar to my 12 year old son as he went through the course and it was incredible! What an amazing experience to share with your children. I feel like over the past week I have become a far better parent. I am better able to support my children through all of the parenting unknowns. I feel so much more capable of empowering my children to be source over their lives. They can experience the incredible power of kindness and compassion. I feel very humbled by the experience and I believe you are a truly awesome human being! Lots of love,

Peter Felice- Australia

Dear Harry,

I watched the recent DVD called " Impressions". I recognized how I make my past "life stories" again and again. The stories of the frog and the lion were so amazing. How clear it is! After seeing the DVD, I was able to inspire several people to move ahead in their life by attending the Professional Course. One recovered the real connection. And I created one person that will attend an introduction to Avatar tomorrow.

I will do whatever it takes to not disappoint you Harry, the Stars Edge Trainers and the Qualified Masters who continue to believe that I can do it and continue giving me the courage. So I'll be a "deaf frog" to those words that say "It is impossible". Thank you. I love you. I will use the tools to stay Source.

Han Sang Hee

My purpose for coming to the Avatar Master Course was to improve my experiences at my job. Finishing the Personality Profile I realized I want to be a Master and deliver this course more than I expected. I want to make my job compatible with being a delivering Avatar Master. I will find my way! Thank you for the chance!!

Ayumi Shibuya- Japan

I used to have conflicting identities like " I want to do this thing!" and also "I give up on doing this thing!". But I realized on the Avatar Master Course that there are tons of other identities too, like "I don't know which one is really me!". A person coaching me said that reminded them of the picture on page 36 of your book "Living Deliberately". So I looked again.  Since then I am a Source being! Thank you,

Mik Fan- Japan