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Dear Harry,

This year I took the Avatar Master Course which was wonderful. At first I was not planning to come to the next International Avatar Course, but my brother said he wanted to join the day after I returned home from the Master Course. So I decided to come and then my elder brother also decided to join the course one day before it started! I am so happy and so moved because I wanted my family members to be fully connected and to be Avatars! I am so excited for the deep connection with my family members.

Now,after my first internship, I have a brand new goal which is to deliver Avatar to many people and spread the wave of Avatar. I feel excited when I think how wonderful the world will be when more people awaken and become source. I appreciate once again for the fact that I could come to know about Avatar. I am looking forward to joining the Professional and Wizard Courses!

Sachie Nomura- Japan

Dear Harry,

I had erased myself and the others in my life. I opened my eyes, but I did not see. I had lost one ear and given up listening with the other. I didn't want to say anything except at my job.It was like I was kind of like a dead body. At The Avatar Course I started to see and talk. It was amazing.  I awakened.....

I came to The Avatar Master Course without any intention. I just wanted to be awakened more. I wanted to learn about myself. But I cannot describe what I have done, what I have gotten here. I can overcome my fear. I have started to love myself, and all of humankind, all beings. Thank you so much,

Jeon So Yeong


The Master Course was the most beautiful thing that I have ever experienced besides the birth of my Son. It is wonderful to experience how people awaken independent of nationality. I am happy to be able to transmit this present, so that many people become happier.

Uarin Linneman

Dear Harry,

At this Masters Course I felt your intention for each one of us to succeed. My Husband attended for the first time. I feel so impressed that we are here as companions moving on together towards a common vision as Masters. There is nothing more exciting than the possibility of moving towards a big vision with a person I feel is important! I feel this feeling comes from the grace of the Avatar tools. I am going to use this to create more Avatars, Masters and Wizards.

Yukako Torii- Japan