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Multiply the feeling after the first Avatar Course a hundredfold, and there you have the Master's Course. Great!

B.M.- USA- 2008

I found it extremely valuable to go through the Source Creation list with many different Masters. It seemed at the time I was doing these Source Creations more than enough times. (Didn't my Master realize it was time for me to move on to the next exercise?) Anyway, I was getting something from each successive Master, learning about the various secondaries I was creating and, upon reflection, realizing what was behind many of those secondaries. But the greatest breakthrough came at the end f the day. (Was it the eighth time I was doing these, or the ninth?) This time, after the first few Source Creations, the Master pointed out to me that when we were just conversing, he was hearing the real me. But when I stated the primary I would go into a "performance mode", which wasn't the real me. And then it hit me. I used to do a lot of public speaking and when I was before an audience I would put on a persona that was not the real me. After awhile, I forgot I was putting on a persona. This is the persona I have been showing to my ex-wife. (Is there any wonder why I have been having major problems with my ex-wife?) This hit me like a ton of bricks. I was using this same persona to state the primaries, and it was food enough to fool some of the Masters, but it WASN'T ME! At least not the real me! I have no idea how my Master knew I had a valuable lesson to learn and so left me doing Source Creations all day. But I am extremely grateful to her, to the Master who had the perception to feel what I was doing, and to Avatar. I can remove that mask and be the real me when I need to.


Success was not far away from me. Finding that success is just within myself is a very exciting experience.

It was not easy at all to decide to participate in Avatar Master Course 2009 due to time and money.

Now I am very delighted to have made it.

I hope I can do the same thing for others that Masters/Trainers did for me.

I am sure that Avatar Master Course will be invaluable for the rest of my life.

Thank you all.


Pieta, Shona, Yuji,
Thank you very very much.
I will return to the world remembering your compasionate space and the smile of selfless service toward us.
I will inspire and help others recalling their space.

Kim, Jeong Hwa
July 5, 2009

Thank you, Harry.
With a deep bow, I am grateful to Harry and this tool for letting me recognize the drama which I would continue, if not for this.
With boldness and courage, I will be with people. I'll stop choosing the second best, sabotaging my first goal. Now, I'll head for the first and best goal I want to create, the goal that makes my heart beat strong. Thank you.

Kim, Jeong Hwa
July 5, 2009