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Dear Harry,

This course is also wonderful! In this time I have the impression, it is clear to me, when I use the Masters tools that I can declare my support to go ahead with my Avatar path with my students and my colleague Sangha (family) of Masters. Accept this wih all my appreciation. I think such compassionate Sangha is not anywhere else in this planet. I am proud to be a member of this Sangha from my heart. I am not alone and can keep on going forever in this network. Thank you!

Mika Sunami- USA


Dear Harry,

I'm deeply moved. I'm filled with the appreciation of being able to support my friends awakening with your tools Harry. My students next challenge is the Master Course. I think he will be a wonderful Master full of compassion. To you, Avra, the Trainers and Qualified Masters and the Sangha, thank you for your connections at this best course! Thank you,

Maki Fujita- Japan

In this course I got a lot of awareness. I will flow this out to connect with others and create students. I enjoyed introducing myself to me for these days. I am so looking forward to the Professional Course.

Sachie Nomura- Tokyo, Japan

These days have passed in a flash! I was inspired so much by using the tools and connecting with so many Masters. The exercises were so much fun! I got so much awareness which I hadn't noticed before. I noticed my attention kept going toward myself. Using the exercises for creation and inspiration was so interesting. I have spent these days with fun!

K. I.- Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Hi Harry,

After 30 years of smoking cigarettes and many unsuccessful attempts at quitting the Master Course helped me to stop. I spent Tuesday Living Deliberately as a smoker. I used skills from Section II & III and many of the Avatar tools to be a non-smoker. I used the discreation tool on smoking and at 2:00 AM I had my last cigarette! I woke up on Wednesday a non-smoker. After many unsuccessful attempts this feeling of being a non-smoker is the most freeing!

Avatar tools work! Avatar tools can be applied to handle any situation or creation. Choose to use the tools! I am contributing to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization by being and Living Deliberately as a non-smoker!