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Just after finishing The Avatar Master Course and licensing the time was right to send you this letter. Together with the Avatar materials I was able to create a lifetime event that was so great and beautiful that it will function as my personal lighthouse where ever I sail in life. In the personal creation exercise I thought of the most precious gift I could give to the people I love. After years of spending Christmas on my own, I decided and created the primary " I will celebrate Christmas with my family". The moment I created this tears came rolling down uncontrollable. I realized that this year I really will be spending Christmas with the ones I love the most. I create it all!

Thanks Harry! My thoughts will be with you and your family on Christmas evening. So maybe this is early, but from Source, I wish you a Merry Christmas,

Hans Van Der Kauf

Dear Harry,

Today is day 7 of the Avatar Master Course. I have had many insights into my life and even past lives. Today I had the pleasure of using the tools with many others. It's been a beautiful feeling how easily you can help a person be happy if you have the right tools.

In the morning I worked with a man who spoke English only which I don't speak or understand very well. He didn't sound very happy and I could feel he had worries. I told him in broken English "I can't understand what you say, but I feel it". Then he broke into tears of joy and thanked me from his heart and was happy about my appreciation and the attention I had on him. It was a realistic situation and it made me happy I could do this for another. Hooray!!

Mutz Ernst- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

This year I took the Avatar Master Course which was wonderful. At first I was not planning to come to the next International Avatar Course, but my brother said he wanted to join the day after I returned home from the Master Course. So I decided to come and then my elder brother also decided to join the course one day before it started! I am so happy and so moved because I wanted my family members to be fully connected and to be Avatars! I am so excited for the deep connection with my family members.

Now,after my first internship, I have a brand new goal which is to deliver Avatar to many people and spread the wave of Avatar. I feel excited when I think how wonderful the world will be when more people awaken and become source. I appreciate once again for the fact that I could come to know about Avatar. I am looking forward to joining the Professional and Wizard Courses!

Sachie Nomura- Japan

Dear Harry,

I had erased myself and the others in my life. I opened my eyes, but I did not see. I had lost one ear and given up listening with the other. I didn't want to say anything except at my job.It was like I was kind of like a dead body. At The Avatar Course I started to see and talk. It was amazing.  I awakened.....

I came to The Avatar Master Course without any intention. I just wanted to be awakened more. I wanted to learn about myself. But I cannot describe what I have done, what I have gotten here. I can overcome my fear. I have started to love myself, and all of humankind, all beings. Thank you so much,

Jeon So Yeong


The Master Course was the most beautiful thing that I have ever experienced besides the birth of my Son. It is wonderful to experience how people awaken independent of nationality. I am happy to be able to transmit this present, so that many people become happier.

Uarin Linneman