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I went out to lunch with my sister-in-law, Deborah D., on the fourth day of th Master Course. This adorable waitress asked us "Are you from Avatar?" We said "Yes." She then asked for our order. Everytime she came back to our table she would ask another question. She finally asked "Do you think somebody like me could be in Avatar? Because everyone who comes in here from Avatar looks so happy!" We gave her all the information about the Avatar introductions happening. She promised she would make it over to the hotel before the week was out. We think of her a lot and we hope she made it!

T.D.- USA- 2009

I have done more in the last 6 weeks to move myself forward than ever. I made decisions that I knew were right even though they went against some of my most powerful beliefs at the time. I just knew somewhere (now I know its source) that this was/is right for me. Now after experiencing so many positive changes I would like to thank everyone involved including my table mates who walked the walk with me.

Rich Havansek, Jr.

Harry!! Thank you for being alive and serving your purpose in life. You doing what you know/feel is right, has helped so many people; myself included. I have let go and really been able to find and settle into the path leading me to happiness. Your tools are so special and magical. I am in so much gratitude for the time you have put in perfecting these materials, as well as your willingness and motivation to help mankind. Your vision literally brings tears to my eyes. I am dedicated to help reach an EPC, in some way or another. I am also dedicated to this work. Avatar is pure beauty. THANK GOD, I was born in this time so I was/am able to have this experience. Consciousness is a beautiful thing, thank you for sharing.

Areil Craig

Dear Harry,

Today I gave and received an initiation session on the Masters Course with a beautiful woman with early stages of Alzheimers. She was able to control her attention, find her way through the steps and flow her love and attention to me. It was a profound experience for me. I feel a heightened reverance for each unique expression of consciousness. She was SO HAPPY after her successful delivery of the session and felt so much more hope and relaxation about her creation. She fairly danced into the course room!

Thank you so much for these materials that bring so much power and happiness to all of us. I feel totally blessed and committed to the mission of Avatar.


Donna H.- USA- 2009

Hi Harry,

Just want to take a moment to share with you that I have had so many touching moments as I was guiding my Mom through the Master Course. I am so grateful and proud for having my Mom at the course. I've really gone through a lot together with her.

Seeing her getting happier and happier everyday. it's really, really......... I don't know how to express this fully.

Thank you so much for everybody on the course!!


Kannie Lee- USA- 2009