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Dear Harry,
It's an amazing experience. I don't know how to describe it. I learned a lot about taking responsibility. I want to be one of us who takes great responsibility for this planet. It's lovely. Thank you for inviting me to this network.
Thank you,
A. T.
First of all, to many people from all around the world, thank you for helping me. I had a very good experience. Sharing my feelings with others was very good. I was wondering how the Masters have such good feeling. It's so good to learn how to do that. I realized lots of things about my creations against others. I really appreciate the Star's Edge trainers that helped me handle that. Thank you.
See you soon.
I. Y. P.
Dear Harry,
Today was the last day of the Master's Course. I could join the last part of the sacred dance just for a short time. Dancing together with newest and older Masters, I remembered the time when I danced in my first Master's Course six years ago.

I noticed what a great shift I have made. I've become what I am because I met Avatar. I was so moved and couldn't stop the tears. I was feeling like I was home. I'm deeply grateful that I am one of the team members in this network.

With Love,
F. T.

Dear Harry,

I have just completed my first internship. I completed the circle that started here a year ago when I took the Avatar Course with a great deal of attitude. I had  promised I would take the course a couple of years ago by saying something flippant like " Yeah, I'll take the Avatar Course when you have it here in Taos!" So imagine my surprise when I was here last year and then... I was able to get the money to do the course( a small miracle in itself  considering my issues with under-earning and over-spending)!

I was here on course, but I was so armored that all these happy, smily faces just made me feel angry and uncomfortable. Yes. I thought "they" made me angry. Anyway by the end of the course I lightened considerably! I remembered why I had become a Doctor and Psychologist ( to help people own their own projections, etc. and live a conscious life!). And I knew the best way to do this was to teach The Avatar Course. So I have done Masters, Professional Course and Wizards this year! And now one year later, here I am, interning as a Master in Taos with one student on the way to Austin!

Thank you for these tools. Thank you for the "Expressway to Awareness" and Living Deliberately. And thank you for my life back form the poor health and the other messed up thinking that I let run the show for too long.

Love and Blessings!

Teri G, PHD- USA- 2009

Dear Harry,
I so felt you supporting me this morning on Source List.  It just felt like:
The path is clearly marked
The path IS clearly marked.
It was such a gently nudge forward with absolute certainty.  Thank you so very much.  It's okay to feel so safe and vulnerable at the same time.
Wow!  It's okay to feel like this and share it with the world.
Blair Jacob