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Dear Harry,

I am using this great exercise from the Masters Course just to appreciate whatever creation I have. I admire myself for being able to create such a creation and it is amazing what a shift happens. It takes not more than 30 seconds and I have a big smile on my face looking at the creation, feeling the game I play. Harry, I am deeply grateful for your contribution of these tools. We are creating a fantastic Avatar Course with a great team of Masters and the students are blooming, That is a great job to do! Thank you so much!

Sarah Notter- Switzerland

Dear Harry,

I finished my first internship as an Avatar Master and it felt wonderful! I loved being present and "here now"with the students as they discovered their operational beliefs and fundamental values. I was in wonder at the connections and the students we attracted; How conciousness does expand and connect. It follows into the notion of collective consciousness. I appreciated the integration and consolidation of the tools in ReSurfacing and they way in which they inspired and touched the new students. Thank you. Love and peace,

B.J.J.- Australia


I hold my Father in the greatest esteem and for years have watched him in the workforce as a full time nurse serving others that are terminally ill. He has told me that a successful result is when a patient passed without pain. I tell you this because I believe it parallels what we do here and is an example of how service to others is genetically built within us.

While we do not ease people into death; we certainly do ease people out of pain. It fills me gratitude and happiness watching our students ReSurface back into awareness and decide the first time. It is like watching a person come back to life and reincarnate as a being. I feel honored that I have been able to be part of something that touches me so deeply. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Stephen Halpin- Australia

Dear Harry,

After being an Avatar for 10 years today, interning as a Master, I resolved a pattern that has caused separation for the past 58 years in many aspects of my life. The patience and support of the team in allowing me to explore this creation, until I finally landed it, is indescribable. What a lesson to create the space so realization can manifest. My heartfelt gratitude for these wonderful tools, the Avatar network, the love and support of this Sangha!

Andy Mitchell- Australia