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Dear Harry,

Today we are on Day 10 of the Melbourne Avatar Course and I am witnessing the many miracles that your tools create.

Barbara has just been announced and is leaving a happy woman in love with her life and her family.

Her daughter Alison is a fellow AI, and I love the way we get the care for each others' families in such an empowering way. Alison too is glowing as she's walking out with her new Mum who in only 10 days has changed so much that she's created a new love for her husband and family and children, and is free of the guilt and anger she's been living in since her son's death. We are so lucky to be a part of a true miracle of this amazing team.

Suzanne Zammit- Australia- 2008

Dear Harry, Today, my sister, Rebecca, came to finish ReSurfacing. She did day 1, two years ago and hadn't 'found the time' to finish. We went through the Will Mini-Course before diving into ReSurfacing. Right from the get go, she started having realizations and handling life and family issues-- Baby Huey stops the abuse induced by familial beliefs that have been haunting since forever. By the time she did the Expansion Exercise, she awakened an "I" that had slumbered for years. I had my sister for the first time ever connected heart and soul. We cried and hugged without costumes. She's coming to the next International Course. A new Avatar awakening. With deepest gratitude and love.

Linda Waters- USA-2007

Harry, What an amazing course! Wow! I'm so grateful to be a part of this creation. It was so inspiring to see how real the students were becoming. It was amazing to see everyone stretch to make the Course the best one possible for the students. The more my attention is out, the more attention I had. What a concept! I am so grateful for the tools. They have touched my life in so many ways. This course has inspired me to quit piddling and step up. Avra provided an amazing opportunity for me to grow and I am grateful. My life won't be the same. Thank you for the tools, the love, the support, and the faith you have in us to feel and deliver the tools.

Joanne Woods- USA- 2007

Last night my boyfriend of nine years (since we were 15 yrs. old) became one of the newest Avatars on the planet! In my being, as I wrote that, there was a deep sense of reverence. He became more him and connected with others in a way that I know he has been looking for, for a long time.
So I'm gonna create the primary that all of my students courses are as easy and flowing as his course was! Whatever effort I need to take or space that needs to be created, I am willing an ready to do that for them.
I feel so blessed to, so easily and while having so much fun, take our relationship to it's next level of communication and connection.
So grateful.
P.S. And yes he will be at Masters next month, which fulfills one of his personal primaries: " I help create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization."
P.P.S. Oh! And thank goodness( literally I suppose) I no longer have to hear " Well what if that doesn't work out?" because he knows his and others personal power! Yeah!

Katrina Naugle- USA- 2009