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Dear Harry,

I am an Avatar Master interning at the International Course in Germany. For me it was and it is essential to exercise my will. I have very good opportunities to do that here. I thank you for your simple and genial exercises you have created. I have become more self-confident and successful in the little things and so it will be with the bigger ones! I hug you!

Michael Pilliger- Germany


Dear Harry,

Today I worked with an older student that has had two strokes. We did the "Attention Mini-Course" together. He was much more able to control his attention!! I feel such deep gratitude and feel humbled by these tools. All my love,

Kahlil Burkehart - USA

Dear Harry,

Thank you for providing this wonderful space. This is my second internship and I could really relax and enjoy. On my first internship I recognized I tend to create walls between myself and others, make judgments and felt lonely. I felt like a victim, projected onto others and had a hard time. I realized that I haven't been interested in others at all. This time has been different.

The vibration of the Trainers, Qualified Masters and Avatar Masters were from a very high intention. I was impressed by the experience of getting along well with the students, feeling them and supporting their awakening. Tears came up to my eyes. I'm really glad I could connect. I'm really glad I got to know Avatar! Thank you very much.

Mami Kozuka- Japan

Hi Harry,

Thanks for the awesome Avatar tools. I've had an amazing time as a Master on this course really holding the intention of awakening possibilities and now my student is going to the Orlando Course. I am really grateful for the opportunity to be in service this lifetime and help create Source beings. It helped me get through my Grandmothers funeral on the Friday before the course. I really hold a space for others to feel their hearts. Lots of love,

Erika Hong- Australia