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Dear Harry,

I had an experience this morning, after Avra spoke, of regaining memory.

I remembered in an instant past lives, successes and failures, pain and experience - and I remembered through feel, why I am here.

I will not forget again! Thank you so much. I am here to help.

Devotedly yours,

Angelo Segarra

This was my first experience as an Intern. Today, I had the most amazing experience. It was an experience I never imagined could be possible. I stood in the middle of the room (filled with over 1,000 people) and felt the room. I experienced/felt complete silence and peace. What a powerful feeling and insight that was for more. No words can define the "true feeling" I experienced. I just know it was one of the greatest moments of my life. This week I found more of myself, as others were also finding more of themselves. I now believe in a Shared Consciousness. Harry, Thank you for all your work and continuing work. "The Avatars" are all fruits of your tree!

Brandi Zeckman- Pendleton, Oregon- Intern/Orlando- 7/11/2009

Thank you, Harry.

Today is the forth day and I feel already that I learned so much.
I felt I used separation and pretending to abuse other's power and to avoid my own work. And listening to Avra's talk, I felt that our work of inspiration is based on the full support from the Avatar network which totally depends on integrity. Thank you for letting me look into myself more to have stronger intention of commitment.
I love you!

Ham, Eun-Young
July 2009

Hello Harry,
I'm very glad that you are reading our letters. I saw my life drama in the internship, and when I saw myself objectively, I found out my attention is not on the positive side. Now I'll use my energy in the positive direction, using boldness in a good way.
Love you, Harry. Thank you for being with me. Thank you.

Kim Dong Youn
July 5, 2009