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I'd just like to thank you, Harry and Avra, for what you have created and for the opportunity to be a part of creating an EPC. It was so worth coming all the way from Australia for it. I was very sick not long after getting here (a pattern of mine) and also before I got here. I managed to use the tools to create (or stop creating?) a miracle(?).

My health came back in a day - it was extraordinary. Normally I'd be in bed for a couple of weeks. Thank you! Also I have felt my purpose - to awaken others and in a Source list - I am an Avatar Master - not what I do but who I am. Thank you!

Megan Holman (Intern)

Wow! This is my first AI Internship and it's amazing. Things are easier and I can view the larger picture. What a beautiful thing to be here in service and part of this team. I am so grateful. I feel power and it's moving my life forward in ways I never imagined.

Much Love,

Joann Woods (Intern)

Dear Avra,

This week has been the most incredible and valuable growing and learning experience and I want to thank you for the way in which you have taught and guided and supported us all in showing up and growing up! That's how I feel, that I have grown up so much-and out-in all directions. You are a powerful, bright, shining light for the entire Sangha and I am very, very grateful for the space you created this week for the AI team every morning. No words can describe the experience but I have felt myself grow in awareness and commitment and I felt that growth throughout the AI team. My primary before this course was to contribute to this being a tipping point for humanity...and this is what it has been for me - and I believe for the entire team - and thus for the planet. Thanks (this word is inadequate) to you, and all of the trainers for your genuine compassion, commitment and care.

Love, L. M. (Intern)

Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for creating this work. I can really feel the reverence for the tools and how they have the power to create peace on this planet by awakening everyone one at a time. What a privilege to be part of this incredible awakening and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be part of someone's awakening and giving us the tools and the Sangha and the inspiration to stay awake and keep contributing to the creation of an EPC. It really is possible, these tools have the power to transform civilization. The Avatar Course this week has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I am sorry for all the times I have lost sight of the path and thank you for creating the QM team and the trainer team and to Avra and yourself to keep reminding us to stay awake and keep contributing to the creation of an EPC.

Deepest Gratitude,

Nisha Duncan (Intern)