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Working with Avra in the AI program, practicing being in the universe of other. (On the receiving end), I had the experience of effortless realization of my universe and what I was creating. (On the other end), being in their universe is effortless. I feel like I've been given the secret!

Gretchen Clark (Intern)

Harry, it has been an incredible week. I came on course to be in service to others as a Junior AI. I have been able to do that. The thing is, I've received so much more than I've given, both from other Masters and from students. The love, acceptance and openness has been amazing. I've spent most of the week working among a group of Australians and New Zealanders. The friendships I've developed will go far beyond this week. The students have been so open and accepting of my coaching. I feel blessed to be a part of all of this. Thank you for what you have created. I look forward to continuing to be in service and helping you create an EPC.

Edward Miner (Intern)

Today it all clicked. I was getting nuggets all week but Harry's talk brought it all into perspective. I know where I am heading. I know what I have to do and I feel the power and responsibility. There are not words enough. My only payback is creating more Avatars, Masters and Wizards while living a life of success and joy. Thank you so much Harry and Avra,

Joann Woods (Intern)

On the very first morning of the course, I stumbled on the doorstep of my hotel room and I really severely twisted my ankle wearing high-heeled shoes. I could not move for a few minutes, partly because of the shock, partly because of the pain (my ankle made a funny sound as it happened). As I was lying there trying to gather myself, the first thought I had was "Oh my God, it may be broken!" Then I caught myself "No, this is not what I want to manifest" and discreated it quickly. Then another thought came up "I may not be able to walk!" Again I discreated it quickly before it had a chance to manifest. I was on the second floor and the hotel did not have and elevator, and I thought "I may not be able to go downstairs." I discreated that one as well. One after the other as automatic response thoughts came up, I discreated them and I was able to get to the classroom in time for the meeting. And, with the help of lots of icing, etc., and handling my resistances to the pain and fully experiencing what is there, I was no longer limping in a few days after the accident, even though I would have normally needed to use crutches for a few weeks for what had happened.

Thank you Harry, for creating these wonderful tools.

Lots of Love and Appreciation,

Kimi Nezu Yamana (Intern)