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It's been such an amazing experience. During ReSurfacing, there was a moment when I felt something and I shared that feeling with the student I was working with. I used to feel that sharing what I feel was an action that sets apart the materials. This time I shared honestly what I feel and the student shifted. At that moment, I realized that I've been creating separation from the materials and actually there hasn't been any separation. I am so impressed to realize this.

Kanako Sumita- Japan- 2007

Hi, Avra -

I'm remiss in not writing sooner. Thank you for the toy manta ray I received as a Master for being on the International Course with you and John the week before last.

I had an exceptional time working with you and John, Audrey, the Masters on the Chicago team, the QM's and the Masters' team at large and our students! My last course with Star's Edge was May '07; I was away far too long. During my absence I've become someone who is excited about creating an EPC instead of being someone who yawns and sits on his hands at its being mentioned, smirking - the way I used to be. My kids are now 22 and 18 and they're walking into an adult world that's not quite the way I would have chosen if I had given it any thought that I was, in fact, responsible for it. Well, better late......

I've named my manta, Rachael. Rachel Ray. She lives on my kitchen counter and helps me with meal prep. We get along great, but I don't understand why she keeps saying: "My next guest is a longtime friend..." whenever my doorbell rings.

Please let everyone at Star's Edge know they're appreciated.

With Love,

Lory Merritt

So i had never written a success story before and this course I cant stop and I am home....still writing them....

Thank you for helping me to get a place where I felt more connected to this inauguration than I ever could have before even though I was a volunteer and a canvasser and a believer. In fact doing my part to get Obama elected was the only thing I could manage to do in many months b/c I was in so much grief... but today I was connected to spirit and I was connected with Abraham Lincoln and MLK Jrs spirit on such a profound level I have never experienced before. I listened to both I have a Dream and his last speech.

So prophetic. He was assassinated the next day...

In this, is last speech, he said something like.. I may not get there with you but its ok its not about me anymore, because I have been to the mountaintop and I have seen the other side and I know it is there... and here it is we are experiencing it right now what he felt for that moment that made him realize it was ok if he was not there... and then he was shot ( that piece I dont know how to appreciate but it is an amazing thing nonetheless ) I think he knew though in some way. watch it at that link above if you can.

But what I was able to relate with was that feeling he was describing that moment he had b/c I had a moment like that --which I wrote to you about on course, when I trusted and then I saw my dad ( an egret ) fly in and land at that pond...there was no time,no explanations just a knowing...

Oh yeah and the other thing that was so amazing is I have been feeling Abraham Lincoln so much when I watched that pre inaugural concert ( told you about that too on course =-) ) on the steps of the Lincoln memorial... and I am home drinking my favorite iced tea beverage and on the flip side of the lid there are always quotes that are an added bonus and it said... "The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." Abraham Lincoln. This was literally in the palm of my hand!!!!!

Oh and the last thing is that your talk the 3 steps to enlightenment came to me at just the right moment right after I had decided to go to Wizards and it is the best of all the tools I have gotten so far. You were able to explain how to attain what a buddhist monk attains in clear steps and it works Harry, it works. I am just at the beginning but Kudos to you b/c in a space of a few days an Avatar can achieve enlightenment even if just for a moment... and in the email from stars edge just know of 4 steps to do for a good new year or something. It was # 1. But I had already done it... I was light years ahead!!

Great job too on Wizards Inspiration. I had no idea as I was in that corner suffering and overcoming and trusting and deciding, that I was involved in the first of its kind b/c Wizards is later this year. I did know that I had wished Wizards were in January b/c I had to postpone my trip planned to go to Africa (Rwanda) in order to go to Wizards... but if Wizards were in January, I realized from other perspectives of people who knew more than I, I wouldn't be going b/c I would not have had Wizards inspiration!!!

OK.. I think I can stop blabbing now..

SO Grateful...

Jennifer Sands

Dear Harry,

Strolling through Orlando airport, I slipped into an observational-mode lucid-dreaming state of crystal clarity. Colors were bright yet silent; everyone smiling and moving in slow motion; the bumps on the skin of a tangerine cast shadows like Mount Everest. (I'm convinced that the QM's and trainers inject some kind of Super Feel-It Juice into area just beyond the check-in portal to fortify us for the trip back to our other homes.)

All at once it hit me: Thanks to you, we really do have a WORKABLE TECHNOLOGY for world peace. But not just as some pipe-dream theory, some wistful "maybe in our lifetimes" ideal. No. World peace is an ARM'S LENGTH away. Or a quick side-step. Even trying to put this into words flattens out the experience, but I wanted to try to share the feel of it with you. For several minutes, I felt a heightened sensation akin to dropping into a parallel universe -- but actually, it felt more like a glimpse into the short-term future of THIS universe.

All our lives, we've adopted a primitive, particle-pushing approach to exorcising our demons -- with worse than awful results. Prisons, guns, revenge,
punishment. But I've realized that simply "disarming" (wresting weaponry away from scared people; smashing the instrument panels of fighter aircraft) is simply another flavor of that same particle-pushing Muggle technology. Without addressing the underlying fear, it simply isn't workable.

Avatar gives us a way to address the underlying fear. Nobody has to put down their guns or bust the prison walls until they're ready, but with a critical mass of Avatar awareness, enough of us will be ready sooner than we think.

Things are accelerating. Lifetime, schmifetime!

Even as I scrabble for words, the feel of my experience is slipping away, so I'll end now.

Thank you Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we hold the technology to co-create world peace in DAYS.

But no worries:

Jenny Nazak- Licensed Avatar Master