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Dear Harry,
I created a student and came to the Taos Course with great reservations. I hadn't done an internship in a year due to undergoing chemo therapy for my metastatic breast cancer. I wasn't sure I could handle 11 days of long hours. At our last evaluation I cried at how empowered I was because I was able to do the full 11 days and with good energy and enthusiasm. Much of the mental fog I had been experiencing is gone. I also feel like I have dropped the cancer identity. I also feel I have opened a new space of vulnerability and I feel a new "I" has emerged.
I have also been able to connect with others in a whole new place. I feel the place I have kept safe and protected has dropped. I am able to connect with my whole being for the first time. An awesome experience!
Thank you Harry for these incredible tools and for all your love, gratitude and appreciation.
I'll see you again at Wizards next year!

Jan Smith- USA- 2009

Just a quick note of gratitude to you for your trust, support and love, as we gallantly march forward on this amazing path.

This was my second internship as a JAI and I am amazed at how differently it felt this round than last. It is such an honor working in this new domain. I had the honor of working with a man from New Zeland, who upon coming to Avatar, had the heart of a little boy, but the rage of an cornered animal. Within days of working with him with the mini-courses, and getting him into section two, he began to smile and laugh; he became an explorer on his path, instead of a prisoner of his past. Thank you for providing the tools to help this man lay down his pain, shame and anger. For the first time, I truly understood the primary "the world is a reflection of me."

It is wonderful to know that we are here, together as a sangha, in support of each other as we evolve in our awakening, but also driving full-throttle to bring others along with us on the journey.

I am proud to be a member of your "pride".

Love and respect,


I'm a master on my second Internship. I've always completed the "The Discouragement Drill" with a bit of hesitancy and resistance. I felt it to a certain degree, but the shift was often short-lived. Shona took the Masters through the discouragement handling procedure as a group, discreating desire and resist to encouragement and discouragement. I really saw and felt how these identities that popped up, were keeping me from relaxing into the "Discouragement Drill" and the shifting of the modes it empowers. It was actually quite funny-I found it humorous and a great relief.
Thank you so much Harry and all the people/trainers who have pioneered this week using these amazing and simple tools to use ... if you choose. It has totally changed everything for me and I now feel in control and acceptance of my universe and can enjoy moving through the shells of creation/ beliefs to meeting consciousness out in the universe in other people. It is exciting and relieving! Much Love to you all,
Derek Browne

I came to intern in Resurfacing as the next step on my Avatar path. I came primarily to have a positive experience of the Resurfacing Materials as I did not enjoy the table work or reading at my initial Resurfacing Course and despite doing Master, Pro and Wizards, my attitude to Resurfacing was that it was something tedious to get through (apart from a few exercises) in order to get to the good stuff - Section II rewards. I have had a great course and have really enjoyed my three days. I have been amazed at what good stuff there is amongst the Resurfacing Materials on review. I have had alot of realizations and shifts. I also came feeling quite separate from the network as I don't quite "toe the line". I was surprised and delighted to feel really welcome, to be supported and to find the course relaxing and interesting rather than scary and full of pressure. It has been a great experience to be a part of.


Doing field trips is an interesting process. Today I went on one and I came back totally discouraged. With help from another Master, I did a "Transparent Belief" and found out I did not deserve doing the things I want to do. Discreating this and making the primary, "I do the things as source" gives me a lot I space and I am ready to go again. Every internship, I learn more and more about life and about me. It is wonderful to do it this way.
Marjan Tuinbeek