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Harry, I came to this course without any student only with the feeling that I really wanted to come to Avra's International Avatar Course. And with her deep compassion, she gave us the chance of a new challenge, the ‘Field Trip.' With our team, we aligned with our teamwork and inspired one Korean, who has a Real Estate Agency. We did an Intro in his office and ended up doing the Intro not only to him, but also to 4 Americans, who work there. That experience was so awesome. Even though we couldn't do the whole thing because of time. And later, 3 out of those 4 came to Marriott to do an Intro again.

I felt so moved to see them with Serious Drill, even though we couldn't guide them directly because they used Spanish in the Intro.

No money can buy these kinds of thrilling moments. I had not known that helping others to awaken and being there at that moment could be this joyful and happy for me! Thank You.

Nam, Jin-Hee- USA- 2007

Too much to tell, but I will keep it brief. Today, I had the privilege to work with a boy who hardly speaks to his family and not at all to strangers. He was on the will mini- course and he managed to ask my name and answer my question. It felt so vulnerable and yet so powerful to see the power of will. I realize this is a privilege. A short moment but with great impact. It made me realize what I can accomplish if I use my will. With tears in my eyes I can still choose to feel happiness and warm appreciation and I do.

Using my will for good, feel good and use it to have other's feel better. That's what I want to do and work on. Thanks. With much love.

Peter vd Hemel- Holland- 2008

I called a prospective student this morning. She has a Power Pack and has been enthusiastically using the "Awakening the Will" Exercise.

When I called, she had recently awoken from a dream in which I was at her house with a fancy projector showing her a film of you talking.

I had been contemplating doing an Intro at her place, so after aligning with Dave, rang her back, and asked if she would like her dream to come true.

So, tomorrow, that is what we will be doing. So very, very cool. And my intention is to create the space in which she awakens to a place inside herself in which she feels and shows she can create being at the ReSurfacing next weekend. That will be a miracle indeed. Totally aligned with where she wants to go.

Lots of love. Thanks for empowering our dreams.

Fiona Campbell- Australia- 2008

This is my first Internship on an International Course and it is amazing! I don't have any words to describe this experience. I learned that communication happens when trust is there, and team wlll be built when everyone supports everyone without any hidden agenda. I felt there is nothing but love, caring, sincerity, trust, and supportiveness in this course. I'm so glad that I can work to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization, EPC. Thanks to everyone and Thank You Harry.

Ta-wei Lin- Australia- 2008

Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for this wonderful work. I am so grateful that I am able to participate and contribute to making change in the world this way. This week, I have experienced the magic of gratitude. Whenever things started to dip or get a bit sticky with a student I would decide to create gratitude and immediately a shift would occur. Amazing.

So many have expressed gratitude for the changes they have experienced and I am seeing how an outflow of gratitude creates an inflow, and keeps everything moving. It's wonderful. With Love and Gratitude.

Sharon Drayton- Australia- 2008