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One of my friends, a 70 year old widow, whose husband of 48 years died last May, agreed to come to the free 3 hour intro course. I waited with her afterwards and felt her anguish stuck grief, fear about her finances, (she hasn't worked since and her savings are dwindling). Her transparent belief had been, "Bob died, why bother living."

When I invited her to the course, she refused (no money, no ability to concentrate). But she showed up the next morning to do ReSurfacing. She recovered so much attention and energy in those 2 days, but felt she couldn't go on to the rest of the course.

Beth Edwards invited her to do three more Mini-Courses. Monday she did two. When she came in today, she was smiling and standing straight, and so much happier. She wept when she expressed her gratitude for the love, time, skills, and support she received here in the last 4 days.

I am so grateful to see my friend literally come back to LIFE! Thank You, Harry!

Melody LeBaron- USA- 2008

I am having the time of my life, as an Avatar Master and Father. I am spending this time as my 16 year old Daughter's Master. The time we have spent together this week has been one of my most precious moments in my life! I feel so connected with her as a human being blossoming into an enlightened person. She is the love of my life and Avatar has strengthened our relationship like I knew it would. Thank You Harry and all the Avatars of the world who have made this possible. I am so glad to have had a part in helping create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. With Love and Appreciation.

George Hipple- USA- 2008

This day is the day I decided to decide. I decided that I had experienced enough failure (not showing up) and decided it was time to experience success. Not only in Avatar, but also in my home business, my family relationships, and relationships with others. So, I called 2 prospects who showed up that day. I told the husband to just decide and come and everything would open up from there. And the wife bought a Power Pack and signed up for ReSurfacing for the next 2 days. Wow! I can create anything I want. I just have to decide. Thank You! What a life changing day!!

Mary Williams- USA- 2008

Hi Harry,

It was an honor to be part of the Spanish tables. This Internship brought me to a total new level of consciousness.

I moved from being self-awareness to more awareness of others and the identities I put in between. I had always the idea that I had to do it alone, but in fact, the core was that I have fear of my own power.

Feel-its through these identities were great and brought me more in to relaxation.

I have the feeling that I'm working less against myself.

I enjoyed this Internship very much and guess what? I passed the Jr. AI evaluation.

Thanks for your dream, your support, and lots of thanks to the QM team you created.

I contribute more to let this dream come true.

Bruno Deraedi- USA- 2008

Dear Harry,

I've been an Avatar for a year now, and a Master for about 9 months. Today, I finished ReSurfacing with my own first student.

What a thrill to inspire her and her fellow table mates! How exciting to see them awaken!

And the best thing? They ALL are going on to the next Avatar Course!

Thank you for the wonderful material. On our table, there was a person who had never done anything for self-improvement courses or otherwise. Also, someone who had made a long journey trying to find the perfect course for him. Both found what they were looking for. Thanks for that gift.

Anke Genders- Holland- 2008