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I just had such a moving experience while doing the serious drills. I needed a partner and asked a woman I notice who was sitting alone. At first she hesitated, but then she agreed. We did a few and then she began to say, "I can't be with a man... their violence." She asked if I spoke French, I said not, but suggested she continue in French, anyway. We connected. She felt my appreciation and said, "I cannot believe I'm saying this to a man, and feeling the compassion." We both were moved to tears. She said, "This is a separation." I felt so happy. Her words touched me and I felt so grateful. We separated, but in a few minutes, she walked over to my table and gave me a long hug! I haven't felt this good about myself since I don't know when. I will never forget this experience.

A.A.- USA- 2009

Dear Harry, I have just completed my first Internship in Egmond Aan Zee. Wow! What an amazing experience. I have one student, my wife Tracy, and I have gone through the Doingness Scale from the first level, "0" Confusion, and total Float, to Routine Performance, and Confidence. I would like to convey my feelings in this way, "Yipeeeee!"

I have had the most incredible experience, WOW! If the students knew how much fun we had!!

I would like to say to all Masters, "Sign up for an Internship, ASAP!" You will do a fast track up the Doingness Scale. Oh, by the way, let's not forget the students. They deserve the experience, too. You will have the best time of your life guiding others, in service to others, and mastering your tools. I couldn't believe how much I integrated the Avatar tools myself.

My eternal love and appreciation.

P.S. I did the fast track: Avatar in Sept. Masters in November, Wizasrds in January. Highly recommended.

Chris Sheilds- Holland- 2008

It's a real gift to feel and connect with my son. The connection, trust and space, help him and me to handle his diabetes in a light way. Being in connection even when I'm not physically with him.
And as a teacher in a primary school, the serious drill in which being in feel and connection is the most beautiful gift for the children and me that I have felt in years. Thanks for that Harry!!

M.O.- Holland- 2008

It has been 17 months since I last Interned. In that time, I have bought a new business with the intention that it will supply the cash flow my family needs and frees up both my partner and I to do more Avatar.

Over this time, the tools have been very useful for dealing with overwhelm and a steep learning curve.

Since doing Wizards, in January 2006, and Integrity in 2007, my life has shifted incredibly. The clarity of being is now far beyond what I ever imagined possible.

My biggest success, however, is that my 15 year old son has just done the course. He has had a geat time and it was awesome to watch the care and appreciation of the team working with him.

One of his greatest challenges was to focus his attention which we worked on in Mini-Courses and Source Lists, and finally with the Limitations Handle. He now has his attention under his control. Watching as he has released and become present, and become Source has been amazing.

Thank You for your dedication and commitment to helping others. And of course for the tools.

Rob Rich- New Zealand- 2007

My first Interning experience has been amazing! Seeing how much a student can change and even look different in one day or one exercise is a miracle! Interning has given me the experience of really seeing the difference the Avatar tools can make to a person's life and that how this then contributes to the creation of an EPC.

I am so grateful to be a part of the Avatar Network and look forward to being on many more courses.

I have also found that my serious drill has improved dramatically. Thank You so much, Harry, for these tools.

Robert Walsh- New Zealand- 2008