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WOW!! What an incredible day!! This is such an amazing course. I am here at the biggest Avatar Course ever in Orlando. It has been amazing. Today was my best day. I created the primary for the year that I show up for my life so others show up for theirs and created 10 new Wizards!! I really felt amazing as I had heaps of quality connections with people at the massage convention. Really practicing "Baby Eyes" and genuine Interest, I connected with people right where they are as Source Beings, it was incredible. I have made such a definite improvement with my connecting skills and I was able to move through my identity of being a hunter to be totally in service and inspire from feel and let people feel the tools. Harry, you are a legend for these tools and Avra has been amazing.!! I am so glad to be interning here in Orlando at my first course as in Intern. The room feels amazing and the students are so inspiring. I can really feel the network expanding.


Erika Hona

Dear Harry and Avra,

Thank you for your commitment to the success of the mission....the space we can all stop into where EVERBODY WINS! The grand prize is a compassionate state of grace and awe and power and joy that comes from being kind and bold in the world. I met a future Wizard less than two weeks ago, a lion who thought she was an outcast sheep (thank you for the lovely story) - she is here, on course with the Sangha of awakening beings committed to unstoppable success. She and I shared an awesome initiation just before your talk. We both wept in gratitude and wonder. "This is the happiest day of my life...", she said. We both know no words could come close to touching the magnificence of Being, shared and showered across the world...and she'll be with us at the next Master Course and Wizards!

Linda Waters (Intern)

Working with Avra in the AI program, practicing being in the universe of other. (On the receiving end), I had the experience of effortless realization of my universe and what I was creating. (On the other end), being in their universe is effortless. I feel like I've been given the secret!

Gretchen Clark (Intern)

Harry, it has been an incredible week. I came on course to be in service to others as a Junior AI. I have been able to do that. The thing is, I've received so much more than I've given, both from other Masters and from students. The love, acceptance and openness has been amazing. I've spent most of the week working among a group of Australians and New Zealanders. The friendships I've developed will go far beyond this week. The students have been so open and accepting of my coaching. I feel blessed to be a part of all of this. Thank you for what you have created. I look forward to continuing to be in service and helping you create an EPC.

Edward Miner (Intern)

Today it all clicked. I was getting nuggets all week but Harry's talk brought it all into perspective. I know where I am heading. I know what I have to do and I feel the power and responsibility. There are not words enough. My only payback is creating more Avatars, Masters and Wizards while living a life of success and joy. Thank you so much Harry and Avra,

Joann Woods (Intern)