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Hi Harry,

I am so very happy to be back "on course". Being here affirms for me how very aligned my lifes primary is with creating and Enlightened Planetary Civilization. When I came to Avatar in 2006- I realized I'd "come home". I am so often the care giver/taker. Here when people were going through their stuff there was always someone there to help. So, I didn't have to- allowing me to have my own course too.

To me that meant "I wasn't the only one" taking (giving) care. I wasn't alone.

The only other time I had that experience was at my first Rainbow gathering. There I wasn't the only one cleaning up the everything that the "Drainbows" left for others to clean up. I wasn't the only one caring and healing the Earth- one cigarette butt at a time.

So whenever- wherever I can help please let me know. Please welcome me.

BTW (By the way)- This is my first internship. I've made great strides understanding and being in Serious Drill and have growing trust in my feel-its.

A. C.- USA- 2009


The Taos Avatar Course has been a gift in my life. Doing Source lists with the students who "birth" in front of our eyes. This awakening is inspirational.

The (3 new Avatar and 1 reviewer)students have transformed in front of my eyes.

They claim they have received a gift- indeed the gift is mine! Thank you for your committment to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

P.G.- USA- 2009

Hello Harry,

On this intern course I had a major integration. In doing fixed attention on Friday (during our work prior to beginning the course) I was working on feeling fatiqued. Fatique has haunted me for a very long time ( since 1982). I experience fatique to the point of where I can barely function. Working with Magda and Cata I felt something reach a place of more release. Then as I continued to work and not bolt, which is what I wanted to do, I began to feel like I wasn't being heard. In a moment I felt like I did when my Mother told me she didn't want to hear me and she would throw up her hand to block our communication. My whole life I felt unheard! My daughter is 50% deaf and my husband is hearing impaired. When I hit this belief and experienced through it, I felt the energy holding it drain from my body like water out of a bath tub when you pull the plug. WOW! What a relief! Now I've been heard all week. My primary is and was, " I am heard". my energy is up and I feel like this has changed my life.

Much Love,

Veronica LaChapelle- USA- 2009

Dear Avra,

I feel so honored to be apart of this experience. This is my first internship. I've done Integrity, Pro and Wizards several times and this course brings it all together. Rebecca, my QM, inspired me to participate in an internship. I'm so glad she did. I love it! I get so happy and joyous when I experience a student reconnect more and more with their source.


Erm Easton- Phoenix, Arizona- 7/11/09

It's been such an amazing experience. During ReSurfacing, there was a moment when I felt something and I shared that feeling with the student I was working with. I used to feel that sharing what I feel was an action that sets apart the materials. This time I shared honestly what I feel and the student shifted. At that moment, I realized that I've been creating separation from the materials and actually there hasn't been any separation. I am so impressed to realize this.

Kanako Sumita- Japan- 2007